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Dull grind will end at trial

Don Rogers

One of those folks looking in on the Vail Valley because of Kobe Bryant’s rape case shot us an e-mail asking why we didn’t seem to be writing so much about his case. Well, she was more specific. Why have we slowed down our commentary dealing with ol’ Kobe, et al?Good question, and a nice break from the stream of e-mails alternately accusing us of protecting the lout or convicting the poor guy at every turn. How the same pieces attract such strong and opposing opinions from the folks who long ago made up their minds is interesting by itself.The truth is the case just isn’t all that interesting locally. At least not now, amid a sea of court motions and sniping via court motions about seemingly every little detail great and completely inane. The fans outside are fascinated. But locals have shown far greater passion for whether to protect Bair Ranch as open space, the price of gasoline, Iraq, the local economy, our looming drought, what to do with the kids this summer, even whether bicycles belong on Highway 6. Kobe Bryant? Who cares? Call her “victim,” “alleged victim,” by her real name in the courtroom but not outside, “woman,” whatever. Does the defense expert get to watch the DNA testing this time or not? Everyone wants the trial right now, only they’ve got more motions for the judge to please plow through, which may or may not have a thing to do with the accusations. And everyone, even the alleged victim’s ex-boyfriend, has their very own lawyer now. Interest here peaked last summer when reporters trolled town for teens who might talk. Then the kids went back to school, and the dull court gristmill began. The grownups dread the trial, when the entertainment factor will crank up again for the world outside. Here, where it’s real, all too real, the stakes are a good deal more sober.

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