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Durango replacing bright lights

Allen Best
Vail, CO Colorado

DURANGO ” Some 900 city streetlights in Durango are being changed in an effort to reduce light pollution.

The fixtures are being replaced over a seven years, says the Durango Telegraph, with the newest fixtures using full cut-off lenses to reduce light broadcast to the sky and into unintended areas.

WHISTLER, B.C. ” Whistler’s now former landfill has been sealed with plastic, trapping the methane gas of decomposing matter. That methane is now being vented and burned.

Burning of the methane, explains Pique newsmagazine, converts it into carbon dioxide. Both are greenhouse gases, but methane is by far the more potent ” if more rare ” gas. As such, the flaring of the methane is reducing the warming effect in the atmosphere by 2,100 percent.

The landfill was responsible for 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions at Whistler, the single largest source, municipal officials say.

Whistler is now exporting its trash to a large landfill along the Columbia River northeast of Portland. It remains possible that the methane from the landfill will be burned to heat the athletes’ village to be constructed for the 2010 Winter Olympics or to fuel the boilers at the nearby sewage treatment plant.

DRIGGS, Idaho ” Vail resident George Gillett’s family continues to make the case for a major real-estate addition to the Grand Targhee Resort.

The family’s representative, Geordie Gillett, has told the planning commission in Teton County that the Gillett family cannot continue running the ski area with financial losses.

“If Alta, Idaho or Teton County, Wyo., doesn’t want us to succeed, if it wants to legislate us into mediocrity and ensure a second-tier resort, that’s fine,” he said. “There is more than greed at work. There is survival, competitiveness and economic realities.”

The Gilletts want to expand the amount of real estate, currently 96 units, to 725. This is part of a push begun about 20 years ago by the ski area’s prior owners, Morey and Carol Bergmeyer.

While Grand Targhee is in Wyoming, it is located in the valley that is primarily in Idaho’s Teton Valley, one of the West’s fastest-growing places. Towns include Driggs and Alta.

Geordie Gillett says the ski area was not responsible for that growth.

“I’m sure we’re going to be hearing a lot more about how we are going to ruin Alta,” he said. “Alta is going to grow with or without Grand Targhee. Alta is growing while skier days have stayed the same.”

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