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Durango restaurateurs discuss smoke ban

Allen Best/Special to the Daily

DURANGO – Add Durango to the list of towns where there is talk about a legal ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. However, the talk this time is coming not in civic chambers but among restaurateurs themselves.

A recent meeting reached no consensus, reports the Durango Telegraph, but already there is a steady drift of businesses banning smoking.

Char Day, a tobacco prevention manager with a regional health department, said that a decade ago only 7 restaurants in Durango banned smoking but now there are 70.

One of those restaurants is Cuckoos, which has a large TV-watching bar crowd on Sundays. Despite fears of a financial hit, the owner said, business has actually improved.

Moths may have followed Rainbow Family

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah -Two gypsy moths were discovered near where the Rainbow Family of Living Light met last summer. The two, state officials told The Park Record, probably were not coincidental.

“We believe when 10,000 people come in from all across the United States and gypsy moths turn up after that, there’s a cause and effect,” said Larry Lewis, of the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

The moths, which have killed large swaths of forest in the Northeast, are not indigenous to Utah. When 94 moths were discovered in Salt Lake City several years ago, the state spent $750,0000 to eradicate them. If temperatures drop more than 20 below, the cold could prevent any reproduction.

TransCanada twinning short on federal funds

BANFF, Alberta – The $50 million in federal funding to four-lane the Trans-Canada Highway to the Alberta-British Colombia border is only one-third the amount needed.

Figures provided at a recent forum show the entire 33.5 km of highway that needs twinning, from Castle Junction to the B.C. border, is estimated to cost $110 million to $150 million. More federal funding may be forthcoming, so it may be a matter of doing the four-laning in increments, probably with work around Lake Louise beginning first, reports the Rocky Mountain Outlook.

The newspaper notes that 24 people have been killed and 119 people seriously injured on the segments in question during the last five years.

Businesses in Ketchum brisk

KETCHUM, Idaho – An informal survey of businesses by the Idaho Mountain Express suggests that the business pace in the Wood River Valley is picking up.

To wit, Sun Valley Lighting is 75 percent ahead of last year. Hawley Graphics posted receipts for October that were 20 percent over any month in the past three years. And Jo Murry, a public relations consultant, reported more work in three weeks of November than in 11 of the 12 preceding months.

Tourism is also believed to be on the upswing, although the proof of that will be in the January lodging numbers.