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DVD scene

Vail Trail staff

Suspend all semblance of reality and then sit back to enjoy a whole lot of nauseating camera movement and grotesque extra features. Remakes are notorious for overly done special effects, but I guess that’s the fun part. Maybe even one director’s way of saying hey, I’m better than you ‘cuz I have these neat new toys. But whatever the case, if you like horror movies, new effects make all the difference in this film.

Pixar has done it again, an animated film that is covert enough for your kids to watch, but still has some funny “adult” humor scenes. For example, the characters are, of course, robots, so how funny can an oil change be to an eight-year-old? Mildly, perhaps. But when delivered by Robin Williams as a bumbling, stumbling, striking-out-with-the-ladies robot, it’s entirely too funny and best expressed with a gut-busting roar of laughter. Another highlight, the bathrooms are identified by a plug (male) and an outlet (female). ‘Nuff said.

OK, take your standard damsel in distress, read: Nicole Kidman as a U.N. interpreter (yeah, hence the name). Then add that scary guy in the mask outside her window that we all saw in the preview. That leaves us needing our macho main man, Secret Service Agent Sean Penn. But since it’s the modern day, and Nicole is a very modern woman, Mr. Penn needs a little help to save the day. Then there is the romantic aspect; government agent and government agent. Does it work out? What do you think?

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