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DVD Scene

Megan Mowbray

Join Mr. Pink and all his cohorts for a Quentin Tarantino reverie, As his first main stream released film, Tarantino gave the movie world something to talk about when he introduced this waitress tipping, bank robbing, ear cutting, and undercover going gang of guys. A must see for any movie buff and a must see again for any Tarantino lover.

As the title explains, this is a re-make of the Batman story, from the beginning. You have a classic thriller of a tall man in the hard-cut batsuit, driven around in the uber-cool batmobile, supported by the comedic butler that everybody loves, and the love interest. Fortunately for the viewers, newly emerged scientology fanatic Katie Holmes doesn’t play as large a role as previous girlfriends of the Bat. Add your well-costumed villain, and you’ve got quite a movie, comic-book style.

It’s been around for a while, and ask a guy who has seen it and they will probably say it’s a great flick, as the opening scene is Scarlet Johansson’s butt bathed in orange undies. But, Bill Murray and Johansson actually make quite a believable pair, as two insomniacs stuck in Tokyo. A quirky look into what makes some people tick.

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