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Megan Mowbray

Baby-sitters beware. Clad in an insane asylum uniform, wielding a kitchen knife, Michael Myers is the ultimate Halloween nightmare. The original, and arguably the best, of the long, and perhaps overly drawn-out series. The movie plays a lot on what the viewer doesn’t see, a nice break from the modern-day blood-and-guts horror movie, and uses music and suspense to really freak you out, Psycho style.

The tilted hat, deformed face, and razor-like fingers of the unforgettable Freddy Krueger are almost as scary as that worn red-and-green-striped sweater. Something about the whole ensemble strikes fear in the hearts of young viewers, or maybe it’s that little problem of killing kids in their sleep, through their dreams. An original horror classic brings nightmares to life through the dreams of little Nancy Thompson. Dark and bloody, this movie twists the psychological aspect of fear into sheet-ripping reality.

Before Freddy vs. Jason, there was just Jason. Jason’s mysterious and bloody murders, hockey mask in place, are even scarier than a young Kevin Bacon in a Speedo. This film marks the beginning of many now horror movie cliches, such as having sex guarantees certain death, when a serial killer comes after you the car won’t start, and the phones are always out. But the undeniable creepy relationship between Jason and his mother make for an interesting trip down a watery memory lane.

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