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DVD Scene

Megan Mowbray

Pull on those boots and start yer engines, boys! What do you get when you cross a donkey with an onion? To find the answer, check out Willie Nelson as Uncle Jesse in this movie remake of the good ol’ Duke family. It’s worth it, I promise. The General Lee is at it again, but this time Boss Hogg is a little less fat, and a little more Smokey and the Bandit. Not to mention Bo and Luke go to college. Well, sort of anyway. Between Sean William Scott, Jessica Simpson, and the General there is enough eye candy for all. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to see Willie Nelson throwing Molotov Cocktails from a convertible driven by Johnny Knoxville, who surprisingly gives an outstanding performance when not being a “Jackass.”

Bad, bad, bad, and bad. Fantastically bad. So, some people go out in space, get covered in some spacey thing’s jet stream, which makes them mutant-like people with special powers. Neat for a comic book, but piss-poor translation to the silver screen. Especially since there is supposed to be a dynamic between the characters that pulls them together as they are ostracized by society. Didn’t get that from the flick. In fact, I didn’t get much of anything. I’m not a comic book fan per se, but I would assume people who are were a wee bit T.O.-ed at how this foursome was portrayed.

He may not have the American Man history, but Russell Crowe sure has that American Man face down pat. He and sweet Renee Zellweger step beyond their past performances in movies like “Captain and Commander” and “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and bring them back up to “Gladiator” and “Jerry Maguire” standards. Director Ron Howard reaches deep in to his “Happy Days” pocket and pulls out an amazing tribute to the men who made it out of the depression with nothing but hard work and a fierce determination, and the women who sacrificed everything for them. This movie works hard to be powerful, painfully so in the boxing ring, but comes out with an undisputed KO overall.

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