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Megan Mowbray

Here is an ideal look at man vs. nature, or even more specifically man vs. bear, although I would hear out the argument that this movie is really about a man vs. his own stupidity (Darwin evolution wins again). Timothy Treadwell, who does not actually tread well at all, has decided to live with the grizzlies of Alaska. He has no real fear, and therefore, I am assuming, no real respect for these incredibly powerful beasts with sharp teeth. Yeah, he gets eaten, although amazingly he makes it through 13 summers so we can watch his documentary. Sweet.

A Japanese re-make sister to other horror movies, “The Ring” and “The Grudge,” “Dark Water” can scare the pants off you if you let it. For some, the thought of battling for custody of a child and living in a run-down apartment may be scary enough. But once the apartment begins to take over, leaving dark puddles and imaginary girls tormenting the new tenants, whoa Nelly, now that’s scary stuff. Tension builds upon tension. What will happen to the mom? What will happen to the little girl? Unfortunately, exactly what you think will happen.

There is gorgeous scenery, above and under water, alongside beautiful people in this action flick. But an engaging plot? I guess two perfect people hunting for a sunken pirate ship while holding their breath for about forever and happen to stumble upon a ship loaded with cocaine might be a plot, in some fantasy land. Mostly I’m guessing anyone who wants to see this movie has an unnatural desire for skin-diving, or maybe just a desire to see some skin. In either case, that’s all you’re going to get.

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