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DVD Scene

French hottie Audrey Tautou reunited with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (the two worked together on the amazing Amelie) in this movie about two lovers separated by World War I. Mathilde (Tautou) refuses to believe that her fiancee’s dead, so she uses love letters written during her lover’s final days as clues in seeking the truth. Amelie’s cinematographer again creates a very lush and colorful backdrop, even for this heart-wrenching tale.

Bollywood and Jane Austen finally unite in this colorful adaptation of the 19th century soap opera. Unless you’re an English teacher, or a bright little girl living in Bath, the old story of Pride and Prejudice might elicit a yawn. This version of the tale could be your alarm clock, however, as a musical version full of pierced bellies and flowing skirts of Indian actresses. Bend it like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha stretches the classic tale across three continents with the bride-to-be proving her self-worth while still single. The book debuted in 1813, but this film is as hip as Bollywood.

This 10-episode “collector’s edition” of the 1983 classic cartoon series will please any fan of ’80s ‘toons. Children of this decade may not remember My Little Pony or Garbage Pail Kids, but they will definitely remember He-Man, filled with the “power of Greyskull” and sporting that fruity loincloth. These episodes must be the best ones as diehard fans voted them fun to watch over and over again. Yes, there are diehard He-Man fans – just check out He-Man.org. We prefer She-Ra, however.

This 1975 film is a great example of film noir, which we rarely see today. Gene Hackman plays the genre’s standard detective, an aging loner on the verge of retirement. When the private eye begins his search for a runaway teen, he thinks finding her will be easy, but the clues lead him deep into a smuggling operation. This is not your typical mystery, it seems that everyone involved is guilty of something, including the detective, who comes close to hurting those he is trying to help. Melanie Griffith also stars in her film debut.

Guy Pearce stars in this shocking, totally original film about a man with no memory who ceaselessly searches for his wife’s killer, even though he has to rely on Polaroid pictures and tattooed notes as guidelines. The man’s unusual situation sets the scene for a neo-noir series of events that brings the viewer backwards in time. The film begins with an answer and then reveals the question.

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