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Oliver Stone brings to the big screen the life of the world’s greatest conqueror and reviews across the country slammed the film for its length and the incoherent battle scenes. But there are two things that we at The Trail think have to be mentioned. Why do these people have accents? Is English supposed to be their second language or is this what an ancient language sounds like through a translating machine? Also, what is all this talk about Alexander the Great being bi-sexual and who really cares anyway? So, though unusual to our DVD section, this is a film to avoid.

Director Robert Rodriguez unleashed his talents in this 1992 action film about a mariachi player who drug lords confuse for an assassin who also carries a guitar case. Its probably the best movie ever made for under 10 grand, and gave Rodriguez ample opportunities in the future. He directed the similar, yet big budget, Desperado and his newest film, Sin City, has proven that he’s made it to the big time.

If you hate Keanu Reeves, don’t bother with this flick. If you can tolerate two hours of him, you might take a look. He plays a private investigator who’s not always ruled by logic. His eccentricity attracts a cop (Rachel Weisz) whose twin sister killed herself…or didn’t, depending on who you ask. She’s seeking the truth and is hoping that Reeves can save the day.

Amnesia has left a Gulf War Veteran (Adrien Brody) struggling to remember what really happened when he’s accused of murder. How to prove his innocence? Easy, just travel back in time. Don’t you just love life in the movies. Wouldn’t life be simplified to the 9th degree if you could just hit the rewind button and take back that one stupid move that’s made life extra hellish lately? The controversial treatment he opts for just might be the wrong move however, and he quickly realizes he’s on a path with tragedy. Well, duh, we could have guessed that one.

This English zombie film answers all your questions about the zombie genre. For example, why are people so afraid of such slow-moving and slow-thinking creatures? The characters in the movie do not have to run away from the brain dead monsters. Shaun and his couch-potato roommate, Ed, at first think a stumbling, mumbling girl in their backyard is drunk but soon find out she’s infected. After meeting up with Shaun’s ex-girlfriend, his family, and another roommate, who are all infected, the group decides to head to the safest place in London: a pub. While the zombie genre is often funnier than it is scary, this movie tells the common story with a brilliant satirical twist.

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