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Each candidate is flawed

In last Saturday’s Vail Daily Jonah Goldberg opined, “… the real hints for how to choose a candidate should reside in the realm of judgment, philosophy, track record and temperament.” With that as a backdrop, I thought we might take a look at the less than positive aspects of the respective candidates.

With Joe Biden we find plagiarism charges emanating from his law-school days when he was accused of having plagiarized five pages of a law review. However, Biden pleaded his case that he was unaware of the attribution rules and was permitted to retake the course. Senator Biden was also accused of plagiarism during the 1988 presidential primaries. After the charges were made he dropped out of the race.

Sarah Palin has recently been investigated for abuse of power in connection with her former brother-in-law. The investigation was legitimate and Palin did not follow proper procedures; however, her accusers failed to address the real “Troopergate” issue, i.e. that this was a matter of public safety.

Sarah Palin’s former brother-in-law had already tasered his own 10-year-old and allegedly threatened to shoot members of Palin’s family. Regardless of the alleged threats or the familial relationship, if Governor Palin hadn’t pushed to have her brother-in-law dismissed from the State Patrol and he subsequently tasered or otherwise injured someone else, her political opponents likely would have had a field day accusing her of “family favoritism.'”

Two weeks ago the records of the administration of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) were released by the University of Illinois. They show an undeniable Ayers-Obama connection. In the mid-90s William Ayers made application to the Walter Annenberg Foundation for $50 million. The stated purpose ” as written into the language of the grant ” was to secure funds to “raise political consciousness” in Chicago’s public schools.

After being awarded the money, Ayers chose Barack Obama to distribute it. Between 1995 and 1999, Barack Obama distributed that $50 million and raised another $60 million from various local civic groups. The disturbing part of this story is Sen. Obama’s adherence to Ayers’s philosophy of granting the funds not directly to the schools, but rather to “external” organizations like the American Community Organizations for Reform ” now ACORN.

Reading, math and science achievement tests were not a significant part of the CAC grants. It was the schools’ success in promoting a radical political agenda that determined how much money they received from these external organizations. And that’s where Ayers gave Sen. Obama his first and only administrative job, which the senator held for 5 years. So the notion that Ayers was “just some guy in the neighborhood” as Sen. Obama claims, just doesn’t comport.

Sen. Obama has misled the American people in his description of his relationship with Ayers as casual and arm’s-length; it should be emphasized that it was Ayers’s radical ideology, which was rooted in the teachings of leftist Saul Alinksy, that guided the distribution of CAC grant funds.

Ayers has admitted bombing the U.S. Capitol building and the Pentagon. He told The New York Times in a Sept.11, 2001 article, that he “wished he could have done more.” In a 2002 Chicago Tribune Magazine cover story, there was a photo of Ayes standing in an alley stomping on the American Flag. So the notion that what Ayers did 40 years ago when Obama was 8 years old is of no consequence is a ruse. Like a leopard, Ayers hasn’t changed his ideological spots in 40 years. Some say the Ayers connection is guilt by association. Well, if one includes Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Phleger along with Ayers, you begin to see a pattern of ultra-left and anti-American ideologies.

As a sidebar, by running for president, Sen. Obama is implicitly asking the American public to trust his judgment in directing the federal government’s education spending for the next four years.

We all know John McCain was involved in the infamous Keating Five scandal that cost the government $1.2 billion. So let’s go straight to the source, the Senate Ethics Committee’s Report. While the report was clear that John McCain “exercised poor judgment in intervening with the regulators” the committee found absolutely no evidence of wrong-doing.

Bob Bennett, the attorney who headed the Senate ethics investigation recommended that McCain and Democratic Sen. John Glenn be dropped from the inquiry. According to Bennett (a Democrat himself), the Senate’s Democratic majority refused his recommendation “… because it would have taken the only Republican out of the inquiry.” This is a matter of Congressional record.

Yes, issues are important, but times and issues change, leaving the little things like judgment, philosophy, and character to consider.

Quote of the day: “For a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” ” Winston Churchill

Butch Mazzuca of Singletree is a regular columnist for the Vail Daily. He will be on vacation the rest of October. His next column is expected to run Nov. 6.

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