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Eagle approves $6.1M budget plan for 2016

EAGLE — When it comes to general operations revenue, Eagle finally emerged from the Great Recession in 2015.

Sales tax revenues, which make up the largest share of Eagle’s operating money, grew by 11 percent last year after five years of dipping, then diving and then seeing only single digit growth. Now looking to 2016, the town has approved a $6.1 million spending plan that anticipates 5 percent growth in sales tax and a modest comeback for building revenues in Eagle.

With revenues on the rise, Eagle’s capital plan includes spending $263,700 for buildings, parks and open space, $315,00 in streets and $212,140 for equipment. The biggest ticket items include $50,000 for maintenance at the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink, $125,000 for town parks improvements, $40,000 for improvements to the old Eagle Town Hall building and a $25,000 donation to the Castle Peak Senior Care Center.

In the street’s budget, the town anticipates paying $125,000 for Grand Avenue improvements planning and $100,000 for parking and streetscape improvements in the town’s central business district. The remaining funding will go for right-of-way improvements, traffic control improvements and street lights.

In the equipment budget, the town plans to spend $97,640 for police vehicles, $82,000 for pickups, $10,000 for tents, $10,000 for a trailer and $12,500 for mowers.


With revenues on the upswing, Eagle will conduct a employment survey next year to see if its wages are competitive in the Western Slope market. Additionally, the town board has stated its goal to maintain a 20 percent fund balance and to start setting aside money for the next big project in town. There is no shortage for future needs including improvements to U.S. Highway 6, maintenance of existing streets and the proposed Eagle River Park project.

The town anticipates increasing its marketing funding from $199,171 in 2015 to $236,017 in 2016.

Mill Levy

For 2016, Eagle is planning a 2.632 mill levy and the Eagle Wastewater Fund will have a 1.867 mill levy. That compares to a 50.0 mill levy for the Eagle Ranch Metro District or a 21.517 mill levy for Eagle County Schools. Property tax makes up only 6 percent of the town’s general fund revenues for a total of $605,994 and 7 percent of the town’s wastewater fund revenues for a total of $170,087.

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