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Eagle arrests teen graffiti suspects

Kathy Heicher
Eagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado ” A couple of teenage boys are facing felony charges after they were allegedly caught spray-painting graffiti on a fence near the Eby Creek roundabout in Eagle, Colorado.

A passing motorist reported the incident at around 10 p.m. on Oct. 7. A responding police officer said he saw two teenage males walking from the area and detained them after finding black spray paint on their hands, Eagle police said.

During the subsequent questioning, both teens confessed to spray-painting graffiti at several locations over several hours period that same evening, Eagle police said.

The “tagged” properties included businesses along Sawatch Road, Alpine Lumber, the railroad trestle over Eby Creek Road, and various utility boxes,, Eagle police said.

The following day, investigators found several additional locations in east Eagle that had been marked with the same “tagging” style, , Eagle police said.

“They were looking for anything big and light-colored, and trying to write on it,” says Eagle Police Chief Rodger McLaughlin.

The suspects were released to their parents.

Vandalism charges become felonies when the damage exceeds $700.

“This damage is going to be in the thousands of dollars,” says McLaughlin.

Eagle officers keep an eye on graffiti, he adds.

Cleaning up the graffiti as soon as possible increases the chances of catching the vandals, says McLaughlin.

“They have an incredible urge to come back, and do it again,” says McLaughlin.

The department photographs the graffiti and keeps track of the distinctive script and art styles of the vandals, for future identification purposes.

“We don’t have any tolerance for graffiti,” he says.

The chief said Eagle also has a “Good Samaritan” citizen. A local man with a painting background, who prefers to work anonymously, volunteers his time to cover up or clean up graffiti.

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