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Eagle City Market remodel project is altering shopping patterns

Construction crews complete underground utilities work at the Eagle City Market. Shoppers can expect parking lot changes in the weeks ahead as activity moves to that part of the site.
Pam Boyd | pboyd@eaglevalleyenterprise.com |

EAGLE — Eagle resident Sue Byron made her shopping trip to the Eagle City Market last week, just like always, but with one big difference.

She hit the store at 11 a.m. Thursday morning to avoid the parking lot and entryway traffic that has increased as the store undergoes a large remodeling project.

“I come here at different times now. I don’t come after work any more or on the weekends,”said Byron. “The parking lot is crazy.”

Dave Betts, Eagle City Market manager, agreed that the store is seeing changes in shopping patterns with the construction. “We are all still very excited about the remodel and it was nice to see concrete being poured last week,” he said. “Up until now there has just been a hole. It’s great to see something going into the hole.”

Betts noted that when the remodel is done, customers will have five exits from the City Market parking lot. As the remodel proceeds, however, the parking area will remain a bit of a challenge.

“There will be some short term pain for the new few months but the long-term gain will far exceed it,” he said. He thanked customers for their patience with the construction and noted he especially appreciated their positive survey comments about the store staff.

“The employees at the Eagle City Market will continue to control whatever they can control to help with customer service,” Betts said.


According to Erik Peterson and Gary Burkhart, of Mark Young Construction Co., the general contractor for the project, during the next couple of weeks crews will continue their work on utility relocation on the south side of the building and start steel structure work at the front of the building. Concrete work at the building entry is complete.

For shoppers, the biggest change in the short term will be in the parking lot. The current entryway that runs east-west but does not directly access parking spaces will be closed off soon as crews work on parking lot improvements. For shoppers, that may mean a change in driving habits.

Inside the store, customers are training themselves to remember the new entryway, located on the other side of the existing Starbucks counter.

“I still forget where the entry is,” said Byron.

Eagle’s existing City Market is a 41,000-square-foot structure and the expansion plan will up size the grocery store to nearly 57,000 square feet. Additionally, the plan will reorganize the main entry and redesign the store’s parking area. The larger store will feature specialty offerings including an expanded Starbucks shop, a sushi station and a cheese counter. The remodel also will bring in additional grab-and-go offerings, prepared foods and natural and organic items.

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