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Eagle Co. parents pledge safe parties

Matt Terrell
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” You’ve read about those parents who buy booze for their kids.

They’re throwing a party, maybe an end of year senior’s bash, and they allow beer, wine and liquor in their homes as long as the kids turn in their keys when they walk in.

Or maybe the parents, on a day-to-day basis, ignore drug use with their own kids and use drugs themselves. Maybe they’ll actually smoke a joint with their kids on a camping trip, something that’s not unheard of here, said Margaret Olle, who’s part of the Eagle County Parent Network.

Several parents are joining forces to stop that sort of thinking. They’re starting a “Safe Homes Network,” a program seen in schools across the country that they’re bringing to Eagle County.

The main mission of the Safe Homes Network is to get parents to sign a pledge stating that they won’t allow the possession or use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol by youth at their homes. Parents signing the pledge also promise to closely watch parties and gatherings at their home

Parents who sign the pledge will have their names and contact information given out to other parents.

“This lets parents and students know if they are going to a party at someone’s house, that family is going to be somewhat conscious of what is going on,” Olle said.

Olle said this is just one thing parents can do for the safety of their kids.

“Something really bad is going to happen if we don’t’ get a grip on this. Some kid is going to be hit by a car, someone is going to get killed,” Olle said.

Olle said the pledge isn’t a legal contract, and parents won’t be punished or blamed if something were to happen at their homes. The pledge is meant to declare a good faith effort of a family’s intentions.

Brian Hester, principal at Battle Mountain High School, said he’s pleased to see a parent group start a program like the Safe Homes Network. He said it will be a part of the overall solution to the teen drug problem in Eagle County.

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