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Eagle County adopts new traffic code

What Eagle County commissioners did: Held a public comment hearing. No one from the public attended or spoke.

What this will do: The new ordinance, expected to take effect about Nov. 1, will bring the county’s traffic laws in line with recent laws passed by the state.

In particular, the new traffic code has new restrictions on drivers younger than 18, including:

• Limiting front seat occupancy to two people, and limiting the number of people in back seats to the number of seat belts available.

• Everyone in the car must wear a seat belt.

• Young drivers can’t drive with anyone younger than 21 who isn’t a family member for the first six months they hold a driver’s license.

• Drivers younger than 18 can’t use cell phones while driving.

The new code also prohibits any driver from texting while driving.

How they voted: 4-0 (County Manager Keith Montag is a voting member of that board).

What it means: By the time the first ski season flights arrive, passengers will have real-time information on the on-time status of their flights available both on the county’s Web site and on “smart” phones.

What they talked about: Local Colorado Division of Wildlife officers believe all-terrain vehicles should be approved for use during hunting season, believing those vehicles will cause less damage to roads and other areas than pickup trucks and SUVs.

Was there a decision? No.

What needs to happen next? The county and the Forest Service need to agree which roads could be opened up to all terrain vehicles during hunting season. The commissioners will hold a work session on the issue. If the county approves the move, Forest Service officials said they’ll probably do the same.

Will it happen this hunting season? Maybe.

Present: Jon Stavney, Sara Fisher, Peter Runyon.

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