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Eagle County airport more active than you thought

Chris Outcalt
Eagle County, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” The county’s decision to keep a temporary runway open at the Eagle County Airport while the main one is closed for four months this summer was a big deal for Tracy Bosley ” it meant her company’s planes could keep using the airport.

ATI Jet is one of a handful of charter airlines that has planes small enough to still get in and out of the Eagle County Airport using its temporary runway.

“We have pilots here pretty much ready to go when we need to be,” said Bosley, who works with the jet company.

Larger commercial jets haven’t been able to fly in or out of the airport because of runway maintenance for a month, but smaller charter and private planes are still making use of a skinnier, temporary runway next to the main one.

The smaller runway can only accommodate planes that fly at much lower speeds than commercial jets and have wingspans smaller than 78 feet.

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ATI Jet has three different planes it’s flying in and out of Eagle ” which is one of the two bases the company has in the United States.

“We can get from here to Florida or New York,” Bosley said. “Our range is really good.”

Commercial jet service at the airport will resume in September.

What we knew: The Eagle County Airport closed it’s main runway on April 15 for renovation. Large commercial jets won’t be able to fly in and out of the airport while the runway is closed.

What we know: A skinnier, temporary runway next to the main one is still open and can accommodate smaller private planes and charter aircraft. A handful of charter airlines are still utilizing the airport.

What’s next: The main runway will re-open and commercial air service will resume at the beginning September.

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