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Eagle County approves ridgeline regulation amendments

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The Eagle County Board of Commissioners recently approved an amendment to the Ridgeline Protection regulations.

The amendment takes effect Oct. 30, and modifies the existing Ridgeline Protection

standards expanding the areas for protection to key transportation routes, other than just the I-70 corridor.

This amendment is supported by the Eagle County Comprehensive Plan, and aims to protect Eagle County’s valuable scenic resources.

The amended standards apply to all properties in Eagle County along the identified, key transportation routes, except on lots with previously platted building envelopes, assigned building areas or in subdivisions with previously approved ridgeline protection and/ormitigation standards.

The amendment provides for an administrative review of proposals which may have difficulty adhering to the amended standards, allowing for site-specific evaluation of properties and allowing some flexibility if certain criteria are met.

For more information, contact Jena Skinner-Markowitz at (970) 328-8748.

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