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Eagle County BOCC — agenda for July 31, 2007

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AGENDA BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS REGULAR MEETING July 31, 2007 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 1. 8:15 10:00 Weekly Update BoCC Conference Room Attorney Update Bryan Treu, County Attorney Manager Update Bruce Baumgartner, County Manager 1. Avon Urban Renewal Plan John Lewis, Keith Montag 2. Eagle River Center update Tom Johnson, Keith Montag 3. Western Peak letter feedback Keith Montag 4. Other 10:00 On the Record Pledge of Allegiance 2. Special Recognition by Eagle Vail Property Owners Association Kim Williams, Eagle Vail Property Owners 3. Special Recognition EcoTV-18 Employees Justin Finestone, Communications 4. Consent Agenda Items of a routine and non-controversial nature are placed on the consent agenda to allow the Board of County Commissioners to spend its time and energy on more important items on a lengthy agenda. Any Commissioner may request that an item be REMOVED from the consent agenda and considered separately. Any member of the public may REQUEST any item be REMOVED from the consent agenda. 2 A. Approval of bill paying for the week of July 30, 2007 (subject to review by the Finance Director) Finance Department Representative B. Approval of payroll for August 2, 2007 (subject to review by the Finance Director) Finance Department Representative C. Approval of the minutes of the Eagle County Board of Commissioners meetings for July 3 and July 10, 2007 Teak Simonton, Clerk & Recorder D. Resolution Concerning an Appointment to the Cedar Hill Cemetery Association District Board of Directors County Attorneys Office Representative E. Resolution regarding Release of Assignment of Letter of Credit No. 1155 for Road Cut Permit No. 3471, CLS Lot 24 LLC County Attorneys Office Representative F. Final Settlement of Agreement between Eagle County and J.P. Trucking, Inc. County Attorneys Office Representative G. Agreement between Eagle County and Tusca II, Inc. for design and construction of a hazardous household waste facility County Attorneys Office Representative H. Resolution Approving the Format for the 2007 Election Intergovernmental Agreements for Political Subdivisions and Authorizing the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners to Execute the Intergovernmental Agreements for Participation in the 2007 Coordinated November Election Teak Simonton, Clerk & Recorder I. Consulting agreement between Eagle County and Research and Polling, Inc. to create a quality of life index Adam Palmer, Community Development J. Hangar Lease agreement between Eagle County and Worldwide Flight Services (WFS-PTS, LLC) Airport Representative

K. Hangar Lease Agreement between Eagle County and Allan Nottingham Airport Representative L. Agreement between Eagle County and B&B Excavating for paving the South 40 Subdivision Pete Fralick, Facilities Management M. Agreement between Eagle County and American Civil Constructors to design and construct Phase I or the Eagle River Preserve in Edwards Valerie Hayes, Facilities Management N. Agreement between Eagle County Government and Cornerstone Masonry for construction of the Freedom Park Spray Park Valerie Hayes, Facilities Management O. Resolution Concerning Appointments to the Citizens Open Space Advisory Committee Lisa de Graaf, Community Development P. Minor Type B Subdivision / Beaver Creek Landing – Phase 2. The intent of this Minor Type B is to condominimize the building/project known as Beaver Creek Landing (building B) creating twenty-six (26) residential dwelling units; and to define the limited and general common elements for the underlying property. (Eagle County File No. SMB-00423) Jena Skinner-Markowitz, Community Development 5. Citizen Input Any member of the public may address the Board on matters which are within the jurisdiction of the Board. If you are addressing the Board regarding a matter listed on the agenda, you are requested to hold your comments until the Board takes up that matter. Please limit your comments to three (3) minutes. 6. Eagle County Liquor License Authority Kathy Scriver, Clerk & Recorders Office Consent Agenda Temporary Liquor License A. Primrose Restaurants II, LLC Primrose at Eagle-Vail 7. Resolution regarding Petitions to the Board of Equalization County Attorneys Office Representative

8. Other 9. 11:00 1:30 Commissioners discussion items and work sessions Eagle County Room & BoCC Conference Room 1. Suzie Tjossem Colorado Ski Museum funding request 2. Shanna Koenig, Lane Wyatt, Liz Mullen meeting and lunch w/QQ at Broadway Café 3. Meetings attended 4. Future meetings 5. Other 10. 1:30 2:30 Planning Files Eagle County Room 1. ZS-00156 Salt Creek/Frost Creek PUD, Equestrian Facility Lisa de Graaf, Planning Department NOTE: To be tabled to 9/4/07 ACTION: To construct an equestrian facility and support structures including employee housing. LOCATION: Situated on either side of Brush Creek Road, approximately 6 miles southeast from the Town of Eagle. 2. ZS-00158 Beaver Creek Wildfire Mitigation Plan Eric Lovgren, Planning Department (30 Minutes) ACTION: Special Use Permit for comprehensive wildfire mitigation plan encompassing private lands at Beaver Creek Resort. LOCATION: Beaver Creek Resort, Avon CO 3. AFP 00249 Lake Creek Farm Lots 1 & 2 Jena Skinner-Markowitz, Planning Department (20 Minutes) NOTE: Tabled from 4/10/07, 5/1/07 & 7/10/07 ACTION: The purpose of this plat is to amend the existing building envelope on Lot 2 and move it closer to the shared lot line between Lots 1 and 2. In addition, a new access, drainage and utility easement will also be created on Lot 1. LOCATION: 1003/1005 Lake Creek Road; Edwards THE NEXT MEETING OF THE EAGLE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS WILL BE HELD ON AUGUST 7, 2007 ALL MEETINGS WILL BE HELD IN THE EAGLE COUNTY BUILDING – 500 BROADWAY, EAGLE – OR OTHERWISE NOTED. THIS AGENDA IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY – ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE. THE BOARD WHILE IN SESSION MAY CONSIDER OTHER ITEMS THAT ARE BROUGHT BEFORE IT. SCHEDULED ITEMS MAY BE CONTINUED IF THE BOARD IS UNABLE TO COMPLETE ITS AGENDA AS SCHEDULED.

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