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Eagle County building permits


The following building permits have been filed recently in Eagle County:2/5 Michael Paderewski, Heritage Park, basement finish, $30,000.2/5 Sarah Millett, Remonov Center, tenant finish, $30,000.2/6 Blue Ridge Investments, Ltd., Blue Ridge PUD, new townhome, $300,000.2/7 Michael Hill, Highland Meadows, extend roof dormer to enclose master balcony; kitchen remodel, $150,000.2/7 David Faling, Vail Intermountain Dev. Sub., 1/2 of new duplex, $368,460.2/7 GT Woodworks, Vail Intermountain Dev. Sub., 1/2 of new duplex, $213,480.2/7 Bill Baxter, Greens of Arrowhead @ Vail, basement remodel, $300,000.2/8 Scott Nicholls, Lazie-R-Ranch, single family, $400,000.2/8 Kent Rader, Johnson-Kokes Duplex, move wall back 2′, $2,000.2/9 Rich Broerman, Elk Meadows Townhouses, replacing insulation and drywall from water damage, $2,500.2/13 Lourie Albanese, Cook Type-A Minor Sub., addition of 704 sq. ft. and remodel of two new baths, rework two bedrooms, $140,000.2/13 Scott & Diane Schmidt, Red Sky Ranch, single family, $1,109,500.2/15 CRC Holdings LLC, Chateau, remodel of restaurant kitchen, $600,000.2/15 Artur Sobczak, Eby Creek Mesa, single family, $700,000.2/23 Gencom Group, Bachelor Gulch, remodel of existing restaurant & kitchen, $2,000,000.2/26 Garrett Reuss, Seven Castles Estates 1, shade pergola over southwest patio, $7,600.2/27 Heritage Park Land Dev., Heritage Park, single family, $525,000.2/28 Darryl Kogan, Eagles Chase, addition above garage & kitchen, $140,000.2/28 Dotsero Realty Partners LLP, Two Rivers Village, foundation for ubc factory built home, $10,000.2/28 JT Developers LLC, Red Sky Ranch, single family, $639,000.3/1 Gracie Freedman, Riverwalk Quartz Bldg., add two partition walls; move 2 and add 4 electrical cans, $2,500.3/2 Sierra Construction Inc., Red Canyon Acres, new detached garage, $29,400.3/2 Berlanti, horse stable/barn, $200,000.3/6 Linda & Edward Sullivan, Valley View Homes Sub., single family, $499,000.3/12 Gerry & Aimee Engle, Cresta, reconfigure lower level by converting bedroom/bathroom into living room, $20,000.3/12 Raining Sun Enterprises Inc., new duplex, $845,520.3/12 Douglas & Julie Moore, Miller Ranch, basement finish, $8,000.3/12 Bachelor Gulch Operating, Bachelor Gulch Village, changes to existing parking garage, $50,000.3/12 W206 LLC, 1st & Main Bldg. Condo., demo one wall; install new doors, change light fixtures, $14,000.3/13 John Boles, Salt Creek Rd., single family, $3,000,000.3/13 William & Patricia Weber, Ironwood, remodel, $275,000.3/13 Amine, Bachelor Gulch Village, single family, $3,500,000.3/14 Robert Gadomski, Ridgepoint Condos., extend upper and lower level decks 4′, $9,000.3/14 Roger Mitchell, Ridgepoint Condos., extend upper level deck 4′, $6,000.3/14 Vail Corp., Village Hall Condo., restaurant remodel, $300,000.3/15 Deborah & Mark Magaldi, Beaver Creek Sub. 2nd Fil., 1,324 sf addition, $589,350.3/16 Jaime & Anna Hutter, Bighat Sub., add 2-car garage, one bedroom, and one bath; upgrade heating system, $425,000.3/16 Bethany Card, Ruedi Shores, single family, $250,000.3/16 Robert Andre, Basalt, reroof cabin and interior remodel, $28,600.3/16 Basalt Sanitation Dist., Basalt, prefab bldg. to cover u.v. ditch, $25,000.3/19 Vail Valley Foundation, Beaver Creek Sub., construction of a platform at the elevator to be used for moving stage prop., $52,000.3/20 Monson, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 26, single family, $1,450,000.3/20 Kathleen Fagan, Eagle-Vail Fil. 2, basement finish, $3,000.3/21 Travis Kirby, McCoy, single family, $250,000.3/21 David & Robin Blass, Charter at B.C., interior faxed finish remodel; new kitchen, $150,000.3/22 John Franklin, Spring Park Meadows, single family, $1,000,000.3/22 Barbara Bowers, Pines Penthouse Condo., kitchen remodel, $160,000.

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