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Eagle County Commissioners: Eagle County’s goals for 2010

Eagle County Commissioners
Vail CO, Colorado

Eagle County Commissioners and staff have initiated a comprehensive program called Sustainable Communities 2010. This effort will provide local decisionmakers quantifiable “quality of life” data and information along with suggested tools to assist in developing public policy regarding sustainable communities throughout Eagle County. The program is in direct support of our organizational mission statement, which is “to be the model of excellence for mountain communities by 2010.”

The purpose of Sustainable Communities 2010 is to create and offer a comprehensive set of techniques and solutions to ensure that impacts associated with growth are mitigated and adequate services are provided to meet the demands of the population. It addresses the economic, social and environmental challenges that arise from growth. Perhaps the most important aspect of the program is the sharing of this information with towns and other community leaders through ongoing communication and collaboration.

Why are we engaging in this exercise? Based on feedback the county received from a survey completed last winter, certain issues were identified by respondents that may impact their quality of life. In general, these threats are associated with:

– Growth and land use

– Transportation and traffic congestion

– Affordable housing and cost of living

– Environmental protection

– Provision of services

The outcome from Sustainable Communities 2010 will be the creation of open communication and collaboration resulting in a set of tools for all decision makers to consider in the formulation of public policy. Products will include:

– A gap analysis that identifies quality of life indicators on a countywide basis. For each indicator, the current level of service will be compared to the desired goal resulting in a potential gap in the service level. The challenge is to close that gap.

– An economic and fiscal impact tool that will be used to analyze site-specific development proposals.

– An updated countywide build-out analysis and associated visioning exercise that will graphically show results of growth and development.

– Increased communication and collaboration efforts with community and town leaders whereby data can be shared and analyzed allowing for visioning and public policy creation.

– Intergovernmental agreements on common land use and public policy goals.

– A set of joint county-town maps that depict: growth boundaries and high priority open space; locations for affordable housing and transit-oriented development; and locations of transportation improvement projects.

– A continuation of the Transportation Collaborative identifying transportation issues along the I-70 corridor and seeking solutions and revenue sources.

Through the ongoing efforts of the Sustainable Communities 2010 initiative, our goal as county commissioners is to create an open forum where information can be shared with all town and community leaders for public policy formulation by which all citizens can benefit.

The Eagle County Commissioners are Sara Fisher, Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon.

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