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Eagle County community shows signs of strength during hard times

Residents rally together on social media to offer services, share goods

EAGLE COUNTY — “Anyone need help getting groceries?” Becky Kephart Baugh asked on the local Eagle County Classifieds Facebook page on Friday. “If anyone doesn’t feel comfortable going out and getting groceries/supplies, let me know — I’d be happy help.”

It was one of many offers recently made by local residents on social media as community members are looking after one another during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“I’m making carrot ginger soup for dinner tonight with supplies to make enough for my family twice over,” local Seth Ryan Levy posted on Saturday afternoon. “If you are hit by the crisis and aren’t sure how you’ll be putting food on the table let me know privately and I’ll bring you a container full for your family.”

Charli Kennedy Wojtowicz is a local who has some extra time on her hands after taking a hiatus away from her job as a professional skater with Disney On Ice.

“Heading to take supplies to an elderly lady in Edwards who just had surgery and is self-quarantined,” Wojtowicz posted on the Vail Moms Facebook group on Saturday — looking for recommendations. “If anyone knows of any other elderly people that may need some supplies today please let me know.”

Local Casey Marie found herself with a highly sought-after product that she uses for arts and crafts. She wanted to spread her wealth.

“So since some people don’t know how to share, I’ve somehow managed to acquire quite a bit of Clorox bleach from making tie dyes over time. If anyone needs some bleach let me know,” she posted in the Vail Moms group on Friday night.

‘Says a lot about our community’

These posts are receiving lots of likes on Facebook — and lots of calls to action.

“Honestly, I have had more responses of other people offering to help than people actually needing help,” Baugh said about her solicitation for picking up groceries, “which in my opinion says a lot about our community. Everyone up here is just so giving and willing to sacrifice some of their needs and wants for others.”

Brittany Ehman was one of those looking for help. The Gypsum resident runs an in-home daycare and was looking for cleaning products that were sold out locally.

“Please don’t laugh. This is a serious post,” she wrote on Saturday morning in the Vail Moms group. “I run an in-home daycare and I need Lysol disinfectant spray. I can’t order online and obviously can’t find any locally. Does anyone have a bottle I can buy off them? I fully understand if mark up is needed! Please help.”

Within hours, over 60 people had commented, most of them signing up to help.

“Within a matter of minutes I couldn’t believe the amount of messages,” she said. “It almost made me want to cry.”

She said her neighbor was over within minutes with a bottle of Lysol. Her job takes her across the valley and she made disinfectant pick-ups from towns up and down the valley. She said she usually has plenty in stock but is cleaning more than ever these days.

“I didn’t even care if someone wanted to charge me $15-$20 for a bottle,” she said. “I just wanted something to give me peace of mind knowing that I’m getting rid of the germs.”

Ehman said it was hard to ask for help, but she’s glad she did.

Local Brittany Ehman asked the community for help when she was in need of cleaning supplies for her in-home daycare. The community responded.
Especial para el diario

“I think if we all do little acts of kindness it will make this much easier to get through,” Baugh said.

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