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Eagle County cyclists are a special interest

Ken Wilson
Eagle, CO, Colorago

The Eagle County commissioners have approved another $3.5 million for more bike paths.

That’s $3.5 million to provide what is basically a recreational venue for a small proportion of the population. That’s $3.5 million for free recreational opportunities.

We can’t ride our dirt bikes, 4-wheelers or snowmobiles for free. We must pay fees and buy stickers in order to ride on public lands.

Not bikers. They ride without paying road taxes, gas taxes, ownership fees, license fees, just buy those bikes and ride anywhere at the public’s expense, highway, roadway, bike path build with tax dollars.

So, $3.5 million and still no place in Eagle County for our senior citizens to live if they need skilled nursing care or assistance in living. The economy is in decline, investors have lost millions, businesses are in distress, jobs are being lost, homes forfeited, businesses closing, cost of living is on the rise, no tax relief from these same commissioners, and their priority is $3.5 million spent on bike paths.

That’s not my idea of fiscally responsible spending, true representation of the needs of the county as a whole, or good sense.

Ken Wilson Eagle

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