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Eagle County fair’s 4-H rabbit show results

Eagle Valley EnterpriseVail, CO Colorado
Preston Utley/Vail DailyKayla Robinson holds her rabbit Tuesday during the 4H rabbit show at the Eagle River Center in Eagle.

EAGLE, Colorado The Eagle County Fair 4-H Rabbit Show was held on Tuesday, July 29. 4-H members brought rabbits of every different size, shape, color and breed to be examined and evaluated by judge Luke Newlon of Penrose.I really enjoy working with the kids and seeing how they have grown since last time I was here, as well as seeing knowledge that has been passed down from 4-H parents and leaders a like stated Newlon.Results are as follows:Senior Showmanship:1st: Vickie Olson2nd: Cortney Hagen3rd: Lori RiversIntermediate Showmanship:1st: Ella Guzik2nd: Brittany Anderson3rd: James RobinsonJunior Showmanship:1st: Kiefer Kaufman2nd: Claire Guzik3rd: Kayla Robinson4th: Sam Boles5th: Devin Ward6th: Elena Ortiz7th: Dacksirry LanderosSenior Mini Rex Buck1st: Vickie Olson2nd: Kiefer Kaufman3rd: Kayla RobinsonSenior Mini Rex Doe1st: Brittany Anderson2nd: Lori RiversJunior Mini Rex Buck1st: Brittany AndersonJunior Mini Rex Doe1st: Vickie Olson2nd: Elena OrtizOverall Best of Breed: Brittany Anderson Senior DoeReserve Overall Opposite Best of Breed: Vickie Olson Senior BuckSenior Satin Buck1st: James Robinson2nd: Kiefer KaufmanSenior Satin Doe1st: James Robinson2nd: Kiefer Kaufman3rd: Vickie Olson4th: Kayla RobinsonJunior Satin Buck1st: James Robinson2nd: Kayla RobinsonOverall Best of Breed: James Robinson Senior DoeReserve Overall Opposite Best of Breed: James Robinson Senior BuckSenior Other Breeds DoeBlue Kiefer Kaufman Netherland DwarfBlue Kiefer Kaufman HimalayanBlue James Robinson – DutchBlue Kiefer Kaufman – Jersey WoolyRed Sam Boles Netherland DwarfRed Kiefer Kaufman – Jersey WoolySenior All Breeds Fur/Wool Doe1st: Brittany Anderson Mini Rex2nd: James Robinson Satin3rd: Vickie Olson Satin4th: Kayla Robinson Satin5th: James Robinson Dutch6th: Lori Rivers Mini Rex 7th: Kiefer Kaufman Netherland Dwarf8th: Kiefer Kaufman Satin 9th: Kiefer Kaufman Jersey Wooly10th: Sam Boles Netherland DwarfSenior All Breeds Fur/Wool Buck1st: Kiefer Kaufman Satin2nd: Kiefer Kaufman Mini Rex3rd: Vickie Olson Mini Rex4th: Kayla Robinson Mini Rex5th: James Robinson SatinJunior All Breeds Fur/Wool Buck1st: Brittany Anderson Mini Rex 2nd: James Robinson – Satin3rd: Kayla Robinson – SatinJunior All Breeds Fur/Wool Doe1st: Vickie Olson Mini Rex2nd: Elena Ortiz Mini RexGrand Champion Breeding Animal James Robinson Senior Satin DoeReserve Grand Champion Breeding Animal Brittany Anderson Senior Mini Rex DoeMARKETFryer (under 5 pounds)1st: Dacksirry Landeros2nd: Vickie Olson3rd: Brittany Anderson4th: Sam Boles5th: James Robinson6th: Kayla RobinsonRoaster (over 5 pounds)1st: Vickie Olson2nd: Cortney Hagen3rd: Elena Ortiz4th: Cortney Hagen5th: Claire Guzik6th: Devin Ward7th: Brittany Anderson8th: Ella Guzik9th: Kiefer Kaufman10: Dacksirry Landeros11th: Sam Boles2008 Grand Champion Market Rabbit Vickie Olson Roaster2008 Reserve Grand Champion Market Rabbit Cortney Hagen – Roaster

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