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Eagle County issues pedestrian safety reminders for school zones, crosswalks

EAGLE COUNTY — According to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s recent Pedestrian Safety Awareness Campaign, each year about 5,000 pedestrians die and 70,000 are injured in traffic accidents. Most crashes involving pedestrians occur at non-intersections, and using a crosswalk can significantly decrease your chance of getting injured or killed.

Educating both pedestrians and drivers on the importance of safety at crosswalks and intersections is critical to avoid potential injuries or death. Pedestrians and drivers in our communities are asked to pay special attention to crosswalks and intersections at all times and remember that school zones require even more attention.

Review these tips to safely cross the street and avoid potential injuries or even death.


• Use marked crosswalks whenever possible.

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• Before crossing, stop at the curb, edge of the road or corner before proceeding.

• Look left-right-left and over your shoulder for turning vehicles. If it’s clear, begin crossing.

• Make eye contact with drivers, make sure they stop and then step out to cross the road.

• Continue to check for traffic while crossing.

• Always stow your cellphone when crossing the street and keep your head up.


• Look for and yield to pedestrians in the road when at a crosswalk or intersection.

• Be sure to stop before the crosswalk. The crosswalk is a no-car zone.

• Proceed with caution at all intersections and crosswalks.

• Make eye contact with pedestrians and make sure they are clear before driving through.

• Use your turn signal to let others know the direction you are traveling.

• Never allow distractions while driving.

• Always keep your eyes on the road.

Vehicles must yield the right of way to pedestrians within a crosswalk. Failure to stop at a crosswalk with pedestrians present may result in a fine and/or points off your license. Pedestrians are asked to use designated crosswalks and reminded that crossing in non-designated areas may result in a fine issued to the pedestrian. Fines vary from town to town in Eagle County but are consistent that a failure to yield is a ticketable offence.

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