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Eagle County keeps some slogan ideas secret

Chris Outcalt
Eagle County, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” “Life at its peak” and “Life looks better from here” were two possible slogans for Eagle County presented to the county commissioners Tuesday by a Texas-based design company.

The county paid GOGO Creative $36,500 to research and propose possible “brands” for the county, including icons, taglines and a strategy to use them.

Lisa Mac, GOGO founder, presented the company’s findings to the board Tuesday. After reviewing some of the research done by GOGO, the board decided to discuss the proposed slogans behind closer doors in an executive session.

The commissioners can legally discuss certain topics ” such as personnel and legal matters ” behind closed doors in an executive session.

County Attorney Bryan Treu said the board could discuss the taglines privately because it was a “matter subject to negotiation.” If the board decided to use one of the slogans it would be negotiating a price with the company, Treu said.

A document with all the proposed slogans was made available to the public briefly before the board decided to talk about the ideas in executive session. Mac requested the ideas be discussed privately. She was concerned that once the slogans were made public, they could be used by anyone.

“They’re ideas in this form,” Mac said. “Once they’re in the public they could be anybody’s ideas at any moment even though I created the concepts.”

Commissioner Arn Menconi said talking about the slogans privately was an ethical issue.

“People have stolen these things when they’re released,” Menconi said.

The board had no intention of deciding on a brand or picking a slogan Tuesday, said Commissioner Sara Fisher.

“Whether we do anything with it, we haven’t even had that discussion,” Fisher said.

Reviewing the material Tuesday was an educational opportunity, she said.

“ECO Transit has a logo that has nothing to do with the rest of the logos in the organization,” Fisher said. “We have different identities and a multiple number of functions we provide ” is there value to bringing that all together?”

The cost to reproduce the current logo is also a consideration, Fisher said.

“Our logo, all be it very attractive and beautiful, is incredibly expensive to duplicate,” she said. “It has something like nine different colors and every time we go to print on that it costs us much more than what may be appropriate.”

GOGO spent six months conducting online interviews, focus groups and man-on-the-street interviews about Eagle County to develop its brand suggestions.

“The goal was to determine who is Eagle County,” Mac said. “You want something you can read and remember and own, that speaks to the people and is friendly.”

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