Eagle County launches new website featuring strategic plan

Eagle County has launched a new website dedicated to the county’s strategic plan, featuring the guiding principles and strategic goals identified by the Board of County Commissioners. The website provides frequent and detailed data-driven updates regarding initiatives such as wildfire mitigation, transportation, housing and early childhood education. In addition to a straightforward red, yellow and green-light status system depicting goal progress, constituents will hear directly from department directors and managers in quarterly video updates.

“Strategic planning is an ongoing process,” said Eagle County Commissioner Jeanne McQueeney. “This enhanced approach towards greater transparency and frequency of updates helps the county prioritize efforts, identify emerging challenges, allocate resources, focus staff on the county’s goals, and ensure those goals are supported by logic and data.” 

The website represents Eagle County’s commitment to transparency by communicating in a clear, concise manner whether goals are on track, emerging, or in need of attention. With a target goal completion date of December 2023, this site will track initiatives and provide early identification of emerging challenges or programs requiring additional attention. 

The goal of the website is to provide a place where constituents can assess how the county government is delivering services. More detailed information is found by selecting specific departments such as wildfire mitigation or transportation. On departmental pages, goals are further broken down into lead measures, which serve as the building blocks of the main goal and are the supporting efforts that contribute to that goal’s 2023 completion. Every 90 days updated videos and data will elaborate on how that department is performing.

Direct questions or comments can be sent to Innovation and Strategy Manager Brandon Williams at For general county information, the Eagle County government website is

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