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Eagle County logo voting odd

Roxanne Buniger
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding the county logo and the so-called online voting results: I get the feeling that the county officials really want this new logo no matter what the citizens want.

The county said that more than 300 of the votes were duplicated and not counted. I would like to know how they justify this.

If there are several citizens per household, and they all voted, but only one or none get counted because the county says that this is one person voting more than once, or what about those who do not own a computer, how do they get their opinions voiced, or do they not count either?

If the commissioners really think that their new, overpriced logo is the better choice, maybe they should put it on an actual voting ballot and waste more taxpayer dollars in doing so, because they seem to have no problem with that solution, either (remember the home rule special election). This logo experiment cost one person’s yearly wages when and if the county has to do layoffs.

Roxanne Buniger


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