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Eagle County: No salmonella reported

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Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY ” Eagle County health officials remain on alert for any local ties to the nationwide salmonella outbreak involving raw red plum, raw Roma and raw red round tomatoes.

“We are monitoring the outbreak, and there are no local cases of Salmonella Saintpaul,” says Eagle County Public Health Epidemiologist, Rebecca Larson.

The county monitors infectious diseases through an early-warning database that provides labs results, including DNA fingerprints of the specific bacteria.

“This fingerprint is how the outbreak has been linked to two cases elsewhere in Colorado so far involving 333 persons in 30 states,” Larson said.

She also confirmed that there had been no outbreaks of reportable gastrointestinal illness in the county, so far this year.

“Unlike Salmonella, which is fairly rare, there are common GI illnesses which are highly contagious, like norvirus” said Jill Hunsaker, public health manager for Eagle County.

The best way to prevent a GI illness is by frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer,Hunsaker said.

Hunsaker also recommends caution when preparing meals, with advice to thoroughly cook meat until there is no pink in the middle, wash cutting boards and utensils that have come into contact with raw meat, and to thoroughly wash raw vegetables.

Hunsaker is also advising residents to follow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recommendations on tomato consumption, which includes avoiding those associated with the outbreak.

More information on these types of tomatoes can be found at http://www.fda.gov.

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