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Eagle County nonprofit launches youth ‘social norms’ campaign

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EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – To highlight the positive choices and behaviors of Eagle County high school students, the Eagle River Youth Coalition will be unveiling the “You Told Us” campaign this month. The You Told Us campaign will be the fourth high school “social norms” campaign since 2005 and is based on survey results from the 2009 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey.

Social norms campaigns are carried out in communities nationwide to address community challenges and problems. The social norms approach is an effective science-based strategy that uses locally derived student data to reduce students’ misperceptions of negative peer behavior. The goal of the You Told Us social norms campaign is to show youth what the “norm” behaviors actually are based on local survey data. Youth behaviors and attitudes are influenced by perceptions of what they believe to be the “norm.” The problem is most youth misperceive what their peers are doing and are more likely to engage in negative behaviors because of the perception that “everyone is doing it.”

The selected positive messages are displayed and distributed in the high schools and throughout the community using posters, banners, radio spots, newspaper ads, social media and movie slides.

“The You Told Us campaign is a health promotion strategy that supports and celebrates the fact that most of our students are really doing the right thing,” said Elizabeth Eves, Youth Outreach Coordinator at ERYC. “By communicating this data and information to students, parents, teachers and the wider community we hope to applaud and encourage local youth to continue making positive, healthy choices.”

Beginning in December, the You Told Us campaign messages will be displayed at Battle Mountain, Eagle Valley, Red Canyon Alternative and Vail Christian High School and will run throughout the school year.

A few of the messages from the You Told Us campaign include:

• 81 percent of Eagle County High School Students did not smoke cigarettes in the past 30 days.

• 84 percent of Eagle County High School Students wore a seatbelt when riding in a car driven by someone else.

• 88 percent of Eagle County High School Students did not drive when they had been drinking alcohol in the past 30 days.

For more information about the social norms approach or the You Told Us campaign, contact Elizabeth Eves at 970-949-9250 or eeves@eagleyouth.org.

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