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Eagle County OKs new traffic code

Present: Sara Fisher, Jon Stavney, Peter Runyon.

Issue: New “model traffic code.”

How they voted: 3-0 to approve.

What it does: The commissioners passed on first reading an ordinance for the county to adopt the state’s 2009 version of the “model traffic code,” which deals with various rules of the road. The county last adopted the 2003 version of the code six years ago.

What will this do? Among several minor changes, the new code will adopt the state’s new regulations regarding cell phone use and texting while driving.

What’s next? The commissioners will hold a public hearing and second reading of the ordinance Sept. 15.

Issue: Approval of a new water tank at the Cordillera Valley Club.

What they did: Voted 3-0 to postpone the decision until Oct. 6.

Why did they do that? The commissioners wanted more information about the proposed 2.5 million gallon tank, proposed for a site on U.S. Forest Service land just above the Cordillera Valley Club (that’s the part of Cordillera on the north side of Interstate 70).

In particular, the commissioners want more information about how the tank is going to look once in place, how the site will be re-vegetated after construction is done, and how the tank might affect wildlife in the area.

Issue: Approval of a new telecommunications facility on Red Table Mountain.

How they voted: 3-0 to approve.

Why it matters: Holy Cross Energy, the U.S. Forest Service and the county’s public safety agencies want the site on Red Table Mountain as a way to prevent communication system failures in case of wildfires or other natural disasters. The proposed site – now used by the Federal Aviation Administration – has line-of-sight contact with both Gypsum and the Basalt area.

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