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Eagle County Paramedic Services needs your opinion

Eagle County Paramedic Services
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Over the next few weeks, the Eagle County Paramedic Services, which operates ambulances throughout the county as well as providing other community medical services, training and transport, will be seeking your opinion on some of the funding challenges the organization faces.

The telephone survey being conducted by Magellan Strategies of Louisville, Colorado, will assemble information about what you and your neighbors feel is the best way to approach the funding shortfalls the district will face created by the state’s Gallagher Amendment. That constitutional amendment constrains property tax funding for organizations such as the paramedic service and other districts and creates funding challenges, particularly in mountain communities.

The survey will be conducted over several evenings and takes about 12 minutes for respondents to complete it.

“We’ve been responsible with taxpayer money,” Christopher Montera, the district CEO, said in a release. “But the state’s Gallagher Amendment will actually begin reducing the tax revenue we receive and that will increase over the next few years, while our operating expenses such as fuel, equipment and insurance, over which we have no control, continue to grow rapidly.”

The Mission of Eagle County Paramedic Services is to provide skilled, professional, and compassionate healthcare to the Eagle County community and beyond.

Eagle County Paramedic Services operates ambulances from five stations (Vail, Avon, Edwards, Eagle and Gypsum) from Vail Pass to Glenwood Canyon, and Red Cliff to Bond, with highly-trained paramedics, communications and equipment.

For more information about the ECPS, please visit: http://eaglecountyparamedics.com or call 970-926-5270.

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