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Eagle County Paramedic Services welcomes new board directors

Eagle County Paramedic Services Board bids farewell to Jeff Kingston, welcomes Janet Bartnik and Mark Bergman

Eagle County Paramedic Services recently gained two new board of directors as Jeff Kingston, secretary, steps down after six years. Janet Bartnik and Mark Bergman start their terms in office on May 21. 

Kingston, who is assistant public works director at town of Gypsum, joined the ECPS Board of Directors in 2014. During his tenure he served as chair for two years and as secretary for four. Kingston helped guide the district through the retirement of the former CEO and helped form the executive team that remains for the district. 

“We would like to thank Jeff for his contributions to the organization throughout his time on the board,” said Christopher Montera, CEO of Eagle County Paramedic Services, in a news release. “Jeff was a great board member and always had the community and care for the employees as his number one goal.”

Janet Bartnik

Bartnik was appointed to the board in February after the death of long-time board member Jon Asper. As the executive director of Mountain Recreation since 2017, Bartnik brings more than two decades of experience in public administration, government finance, community engagement, public agency marketing and communications and human resources as well as hands-on knowledge of Colorado special district law and governance to the board and understands what it takes to operate a high functioning organization. Specialized training, resources and retaining national accreditation are priorities for Bartnik during her tenure.

The mental health of first responders is also of immense personal importance to Bartnik.

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“My father was a state trooper in rural upstate New York when I was young. I witnessed his long-term suffering from the loss of three small children at three separate calls he responded to within a six-month period,” Bartnik said in a news release. “Back then, the only way his fellow troops knew to help was to tease and joke about these devastating losses. He never sought professional help because of the stigma attached. Today, we know so much more. Ensuring that our paramedics continue to have and use the support and resources provided by the district is essential.”

Mark Bergman

Bergman, who started his term in May, is a former corporate executive and Realtor. He enjoys giving back to the community and is a lifelong volunteer who has served in leadership roles and led fundraising campaigns for nonprofit organizations including public radio, community service, arts and public safety organizations. 

Bergman volunteered in a variety of EMS roles for 30 years beginning as a founding member of his college emergency squad up to — and including — paramedic, incident commander, EMS chief and president of various EMS agencies. He also ski patrolled for almost 25 years. 

“After three decades of dedication to EMS, I am no longer as excited about crawling through snow to treat a patient in an overturned vehicle at 3 a.m., but I miss it every day.” Bergman said in a news release. “I am excited to continue my support of EMS from the director level because I love giving back to the community, it connects me to a passion and I enjoy sharing my expertise and experience.”

The ECPS Board of Directors meets on the third Thursday of each month at 8 a.m. virtually or at 1055 Edwards Village Boulevard in Edwards. These meetings are open to the public.

For more information, visit eaglecountyparamedics.com or call 970-926-5270.

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