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Eagle County parking deal axed

Chris Outcalt
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado “Discounted parking rates are no longer being offered to Eagle County residents in Vail, Colorado.

The town started offering the lower rate to county residents four years ago, but decided to discontinue the deal this year. Vail residents and people working more than 32 hours in the town are still eligible for a discount.

Vail also hiked its daily parking rate this year. A full day of parking at the town’s garages will cost $25, up from $18 to $20 last year.

Trying to get people to use public transportation was one of the reasons for the switch, said Dan Telleen, owner of Karats, a Vail Village jewelry shop, and a member of the panel that came up with the parking plan.

“I really hope that lots of people look hard at what it costs to ride the bust as opposed to what it costs to drive their car,” Telleen said.

Last year, Eagle County residents were eligible for value cards good for $10 parking on non-peak days and $17 on peak days and Vail residents could park for $7 on non-peak days and $14 on peak days.

Telleen said the change wasn’t meant to single anyone out.

“It’s not that we don’t want people to feel welcome when they come to Vail,” Telleen said. “It was just a balancing act … what we could afford to do and we looked at what we’d done in the past.”

The town is also trying to decrease the number of days the Vail Village and Lionshead garages fill up, forcing overflow parking on the frontage roads. The garages filled up 48 times last year. Vail tries to limit the number of days cars are on the frontage roads to 15.

Mike Rose, of Vail Transit, said the decision to not offer a discount to Eagle County residents was made after the new daily rate was determined.

“We look at last year’s stats and supply and demand,” Rose said. “Then we go back and try and set some proportional sense to the discounts.”

Vail residents and employees with a value card can park for $12 on non-peak days and $20 on peak days.

Staff Writer Chris Outcalt can be reached at 970-748-2931 or coutcalt@vaildaily.com.

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