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Eagle County police reports: Boyfriend was gone, and so was money

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Eagle, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE, Colorado – Eagle Police were called to a residence during the late night hours of Dec. 3 when a woman reported her boyfriend had taken $2,250 from her purse and left in the car they shared.

The police officer responded to the residence around 11:30 p.m. The woman told him she lived at the address with her boyfriend. She said her boyfriend was working in Vail, but he had been complaining about his job. He had been drinking earlier in the evening when she fell asleep on the living room couch while watching television. When she woke up around 11 p.m., the woman noted her boyfriend was not in the residence and the bed in their bedroom had not been used.

Upon further investigation, the woman noted her boyfriend’s tools were missing and his clothes were gone. She then discovered $2,200 in cash and a $50 money order were missing from her purse. She noted some other personal items were missing as well. When she looked outside she found that a 1997 Jeep, that lists both her and her boyfriend as owners, was gone. She tried to call her boyfriend’s cell phone but he did not answer. Then she called the police.

The woman told the officer she suspected her boyfriend is headed to his mother’s home in Riverside, Calif.

Dispatch informed the Eagle officer that the boyfriend was the restrained party in a mandatory protection order. The protected party was the woman. She told the officer her boyfriend had told her the order was no longer valid because it stemmed from a domestic violence case that occurred two years previously.

The case remains open.

Stop sex-ting

An Eagle woman reported a restraining order violation Nov. 26 when she received more than 30 text messages from her ex-boyfriend.

The woman said she had an active protection order against her ex-boyfriend but earlier in the evening she had received text messages over a period of one hour. She told the officer that the number associated with the messages was her ex-boyfriend’s cell number.

The officer noted some of the text messages were sexual in nature. The woman said she believed the messages were harassment and she had told her ex-boyfriend not to contact her.

When contacted by police, the ex-boyfriend admitted sending the messages. He said he had spoken with his ex-girlfriend earlier that night and that they had been engaged in ongoing conversations about pets they owned together. He told the officer he understood the protection order and he knew he was not allowed to contact his ex-girlfriend. He claimed that his ex-girlfriend told him she planned to remove the protection order.

Because the order was active at the time of the texting, police issued a warrant for the ex-boyfriend for violation of the protective order, domestic violence and harassment.

Savvy cyber seller

An Eagle man was the intended victim of a Craig’s List scam, but his actions thwarted the attempted theft.

According to the Eagle Police report, the man listed a personal vehicle for sale on Craig’s List. He listed the cost of the car as $14,449. A man from California responded to the ad. The two communicated through e-mail and phone calls and the would-be buyer offered to pay $17,850 for the vehicle. However, the seller was instructed to deduct the cost of the car and send the extra cash via money gram to a third party in Ohio – the “shipper” for the transaction.

The prospective buyer also told the Eagle man to keep $250 of the difference for himself for sending money to the shipper.

The Eagle man received the check as agreed but told his bank to hold it until it cleared because he was suspicious of the transaction. The check did not clear.

“This transaction is a scam that occurs often on Craig’s List where sellers of items are overpaid and instructed to send the difference in money to a third party in a different state in attempt to solicit and launder small amounts of money. People are lured into these sales with the prospect of some free money,” noted the police report.

The Eagle man has declined any future transactions or conversations with the would-be buyer and is not out any money.

Purse nabbed

An Eagle woman reported someone stole her purse from inside her unlocked vehicle during the nighttime hours of Dec. 1.

The woman told officers her car was parked outside of her Bull Pasture home when the theft occurred.

The items taken included a brown Coach purse valued at $250, $30 in cash, several credit cards and the woman’s driver’s license.

Police advised the woman to cancel all the credit cards and to advise the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles that her license had been stolen.

There are no suspects in the case.

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