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Eagle County property transfers

These real estate transactions have been recorded in Eagle County:Town of Basalt to Basalt Regional Library Dist., 7/7, SWD Midland Addition, $2,040,000.Jose Deluna Jiminez , Teresa Jiminez to Daniel A. Valdez, 7/7, WD Lot 36, Gypsum Estates Sub. Fil. 1, $320,000.Arrabelle at Vail Square to Roberto L. & Silvia M. Palenzuela, 7/8, SWD Lot 330, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $1,495,000.Arrabelle at Vail Square to Cole Holding Co., 7/8, SWD Lot 476, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $2,595,000.Eagle River Water & Sanitation Dist. to Glen C. & Marian Phelps, 7/8, WD Lot 2, Cattail Flats, $254,800.Elisabeth R. Bennett to Elizabeth R. Bennett Living Trust, Charles R. Wold, 7/8, WD Lot 529, Strawberry Park Condo., $0.SSK Holdings to Kent Lambrecht & Courtney Schaefer, 7/8, WD Lot 1A, Gillespie Sub., $770,000.Beaver Creek of Florida to 69 Holden Road Mgmt., 7/8, WD Lot 28, Beaver Creek Sub. Fil. 2, $6,575,000.Virginia A. Burnett to Michael D. & Darlene Lovato, Urbano & Cynthia L. Marquez, 7/8, WD Lot 10D, Booco, $60,000.Roger K. Tanita to Jill A. Martin & Daniel S. Sinding, 7/8, WD Lot 2C, Morningstar Townhomes, $439,800.Karen Nulle to Carroll K. & George K. Osteen, 7/8, WD Lot 13, High Chaparral Ranch, $875,000.Arrabelle at Vail Square to Debra & Francis Wilson, 7/8, SWD Lot 272, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $1,595,000.David A. Little to Amy E. Hunter, 7/8, WD Lot A-14, Beaver Bench Condo., $232,000.Dantas Builders Inc. to Heidi A. & Patrick S. Telles, 7/8, WD Lot 9, Brett Ranch PUD Sub., $300,000.Neil & Robin Buck to Peter J. & Tracy L. Kinsella, 7/8, WD Lot 30, Arrowhead at Vail Fil. 16, $2,300,000.Tracy L. & Peter J. Kinsella to Neil & Robin Buck, 7/8, WD Lot 2, Dakota at Arrowhead, $1,562,500.Sky Legend to Troy L. & Angie R. Brown, 7/8, WD Lot 42-T, Sky Legend at Cotton Ranch Fil. 1, $585,000.Donald R. & Joan F. Segna to Derrick Lee Wiemer, 7/8, WD Lot 1, 2 & 3, Fulford, $50,000.Thomas C. & Betty J. Schievelbein to Karen M. Kister, Chester F. Moculeski Dec. of Trust, 7/8, WD Lot 1, Grindlay Sub., $480,000.Gregory J. & Nancy L. Ego to Eagle River Water & Sanitation Dist., 7/8, WD Lot 42, Terrace Fil. III, $0.James F. & Marnie K. Betz to Michael F. Hood, 7/8, WD Lot 1D, Pines of Wildridge, $485,000.R. Daniel Zieg to Trudi M. Schraner, 7/8, WD Lot F-3, Meadows Beaver Creek Condo., $1,520,000.Sanborn Family LLC to Scott D. & Deborah A. Smith, 7/8, WD Lot 18, Alcazar Villas Sub., $850,000.Patrick D. Welch to Kellie Krasovec, 7/8, WD Lot 303C, Reserve on the Eagle River, $428,800.Willits Town Center Partners to JBGL LLC, 7/8, SWD Lot 338, Market Street Lofts Sub., $676,100.Oscar R. Nolasco to Elizabeth E. Nolasco, 7/9, WD Lot 203, Brush Creek Condo Sub., $249,000.Edward & Derek Woodland to Monqueescha D. Walker, 7/9, WD Lot C-201, Mountain Glen Condo., $250,000.Pamela J. Rowan Rev. Trust to Robert M. & Laura A. Savage, 7/9, WD Lot 19-T, Sky Legend at Cotton Ranch Fil. 1, $486,500.Arrabelle at Vail Square to Woodland Enterprises, 7/9, SWD Lot 587, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $1,595,000.Arrabelle at Vail Square to A Belle Vail Co., 7/9, SWD Lot 582, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $3,595,000.Arrabelle at Vail Square to A Belle Vail, 7/9, SWD Lot 572, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $2,895,000.Karen M. & Robert W. Hayes to Joan E. Keeler, 7/9, WD Lot 5, Ruedi Shores Sub., $925,000.Miller J. Lewis to Kathleen J. Stephanoff, 7/9, WD Lot 228F, Miller Ranch Mill Lofts Sub., $224,800.Kenneth T. & Christina M. Martinez to Isabel Vizcaino, 7/9, WD Lot 117, Buckhorn Valley Sub., $399,000.Sherry J. Nelson to Kenneth & Christina Martinez, 7/9, WD Lot 10K, Chatfield Corners Fil. II, $490,000.Isabel Vizcaino to Matille Blake, 7/9, WD Lot B, Elkhorn Condo., $356,000.Stephen G. & Lisa M. Fendrich to Joseph & Anne Marie Niciforo, 7/9, WD Lot 25, Cresta Sub., $3,812,500.Blue Ridge Investments to Gailen B. & Pamela W. Smith, 7/9, Wd Lot 152, Shadow Rock Townhomes Sub., $872,900.Marcus & Sarah Evans to Julia Watson-Barnett, 7/9, WD Lot 9C, Creamery Creek Townhomes, $525,000.David L. & Brenna G. Haus to Lee E. & Sharon Kay Waller, 7/9, Wd Lot 311, Eagle Pointe Condo/ITV, $0.Florida Gulch to Vail Penthouse, 7/10, WD Lot R1002, Bachelor Gulch Village Resort & Spa, $2,700,000.Benjamin & Jacy Allen to David C. Lockwood & Michael R. Paxton, 7/10, WD Lot 60, Sopris Meadows One Fil. 1, $1,000,000.Arrabelle at Vail Square to Powder Investments, 7/10, SWD Lot 560, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $1,295,000.

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