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Eagle County property transfers

These property transfers have been recorded in Eagle County:Joseph T. & Korrine A. Winstead to Tyrance Prioleau & Angelina Timms-Prioleau, 7/11, WD Lot 33, Gypsum Estates Sub., $365,000.Jack D. Skjonsby to Michael & Suzan Geller, 7/11, WD Lot 49, Eagle-Vail Fil. 1, $1,070,000.Lars J. & Brenda S. Walberg to Joseph T. & Korrine A. Winstead, 7/11, WD Lot A-115, Eby Creek Mesa Sub., $640,000.William R. & Sarah C. Chase to James J., Dennis W. & Dorothea A. Scalise, 7/11, WD Lot 11C, Vail Ridge, $0.Sharyn Lahaise to WR & WL Berlinghof Assoc., 7/15, SWD Lot 313, The Wren/ITV, $5,500.R. Randall & Phoebe Vosbeck to Leo Warehouse Inc., 7/15, WD Lot A, Potato Patch Townhomes Condo., $1,450,000.Brian A. & Kelly L. Carey to Jonathon R. & Karen W. Lindner, 7/15, WD Lot 63, Eagle-Vail Fil. 1, $841,000.Arrabelle at Vail Square to Arrabelle at Vail 555, 7/15, SWD Lot 555, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $4,495,000.Jacqueline M. Kudner to Janis Simon, 7/15, WD Lot 4, Riverbend at Vail, $1,025,000.RZ Real Estate LLC to Alizadeh Family Ltd. Partnership, 7/15, WD Lot 519, Antlers Condo., $2,200,000.Jeffrey N. Robison to Charles J. & Anne D. Clarke, 7/15, WD Pheasant Court Duplex Sub., $500,000.Charles J. Clarke to Sean McLaughlin, 7/15, WD Lot C-6, Vail Commons Condo., $149,000.Linda M. Maynor to Jeffrey D. & Robert C. Maynor Jr. Trust, 7/15, WD Lot 7, Bighorn Estates, $0.Quant Holdings to Craig & Ingrid Dampier, 7/15, WD Lot 42, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 2, $1,101,700.VI Network to Royce Pfluke, 7/15, WD Lot 236-3, Christie Lodge at Avon/ITV, $0.GJMC LLC to Jason A. & Melissa J. Cohen, 7/16, WD Lot 30, Basalt Industrial Park #2, $0.Melissa J. & Jason A. Cohen to 237 Park LLC, 7/16, WD Lot 30, Basalt Industrial Park #2, $567,800.GJMC LLC to 237 Park LLC, 7/16, WD Lot 30, Basalt Industrial Park #2, $1,703,300.Woodland Enterprises to Peter Wolff, 7/16, WD Lot 587, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $2,600,000.Brian S. & Nancy N. Lee to Debra J. & Peter J. Hayda, 7/16, WD Lot 33, Southfork Meadows Sub., $685,000.Heather B. & Kirk D. Hower to Deena Tarleton, 7/16, WD Lot N, Red Cliff, $540,000.Bill III & Terri Lynn Thornton to James T. & Stephanie Lucero, 7/17, WD Lot 1, 2, 3 & 4, Bertroch Sub. Fil. 1, $325,000.Blue Ridge Investments Ltd. to Terry R. & Pamela M. Thompson, 7/17, WD Lot 144E, Shadow Rock Townhomes, $1,137,700.Mary W. & David M. Martin to Elna P. & Edward J. Dease, 7/17, WD Lot 24, Vail East Townhouse Condo., $578,000.Blue Ridge Investments Ltd. to Robert M. Granum, 7/17, WD Lot 135J, Shadow Rock Townhomes, $705,000.Stephen J. Thissen & Bridgid A. McAuley to Marvin A. Miller Rev. Trust, 7/17, WD Lot 1, Whiskey Hill Condo., $115,000.Lisa Z. & Scott A. Hatch to Lisa Zimmer Hatch Rev. Living Trust, 7/17, WD Lot 11, Vail Village West Fil. 2, $0.Ron S. Daniel to Paul C. Anderson & Amber L. Livingston, 7/17, WD Lot A, Eleventh Fairway Townhomes, $650,000.Trent Cole & Daniel & Robyn Ritsch to 106 Oakridge LLC, 7/17, WD Lot 1, 2, Gypsum Creek Center Fil. 3; Lot 1, 2, 3, 4, Gypsum Creek Center Fil. 4, $0.Vickie Foral-Velez to Eleno Velez & Vickie Foral-Velez, 7/18, WD Lot 1, Velez Sub., $0.Cordillera Metro. Dist. to John S. Rainey, 7/18, WD Lot 14 & 15, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 17, $20,000.Ring Shot Entertainment LLC to Alan Segall, 7/18, WD Lot 14, Homestead Fil. 2, $725,000.

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