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Eagle County property transfers

These property transactions were recorded in Eagle County:Terrie T. Allon Trust to George W. & Candace L. Knox, 9/8, WD Lot 11, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 4, $1,775,000.David W. & Jennifer C. Adkins to Jason B. Slingerlend & Anna E. Speers, 9/8, WD Lot 6B, Colorow at Square Creek, $4,100,000.SJM LLC to Maxine Roberts, 9/8, WD Lot 10, Beaver Creek Sub. Fil. 2, $5,425,000.Ronald J. Byrne to David A. & Andrea F. Solomon, 9/8, WD Lot 406, Wren/Whole Sub., $700,000.Arrowhead to Timothy R. & Suzanne S. Brown, 9/8, WD Lot 33, Arrowhead at Vail Fil. 20, $5,450,000.RSR Investments to M&B Red Sky Properties No. 36, 9/8, SWD Lot 36, Red Sky Ranch Sub., $2,466,600.Peter S. & Anna Rowe to John P. Ebin Rev. Trust, 9/9, WD Lot B-107, Creekside Condo., $1,175,000.Herman K. Richman to Lynn M. Anderson Rev. Trust, 9/9, WD Lot 15E, Mountain Meadow Condo. Sub., $1,000,000.Allen Smith to J. Webb Martin, 9/9, WD Lot 6-B, Pitkin Creek Park Sub., $319,000.Kurt C. Hall to Vail Corp., 9/9, WD Lot 10-D, Pitkin Creek Park Sub., $562,000.Martha H. & Lon P. Frohling to David L. & Lisa M. Pease, 9/9, WD Lot 18B, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 2, $899,500.Rockford Production Co. to Avondale Lane, 9/9, WD Lot R-301, Market Square Condo., $2,100,000.Anointed Christian Fellowship to Elvin A. Arteaga, 9/9, WD Lot 3, Camp David, $279,000.Brigid Radford to Vesela T. Mihaylova, 9/9, WD Lot 213, Valley Pines Sub., $399,500.Alpine Trust & Asset Mgmt., Barbara Hendricks 1993 Irrev. Trust to Dulce M. Vigil-Ayala, Martha Ayala de Vigil, 9/9, WD Lot 15, Blue Lake PUD Fil. 1, $396,000.Tom Sullivan to Kimberly C. & Hany A. Malek, 9/10, WD Lot 8D, Taylor Add. to Minturn, $850,000.Tanavon Corp. to Gandorf Tract B LLC, 9/10, WD Wildridge Sub., $288,000.Frank Hamel to JM Colorado Holdings, 9/10, WD Lot 86E, Wildridge Sub., $1,600,000.Andrew F. Henkes, Lee Ann Esp to Allen Smith, 9/10, WD Lot 1C, Columbine North, $553,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Lincolnland Properties, 9/10, WD Lot 208, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $1,345,000.Brady & Ann Burt to Philip J. & Marian C. Paolilli, 9/10, WD Lot 51, Eagle Ranch Fil. 4, $740,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Transportation Mgmt. Systems, 9/10, SWD Lot 229, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $384,800.Riverfront Village Hotel to East West Partners, 9/10, SWD Lot 220, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $399,000.Sylvan Square to Jessie L. Edeen, 9/10, SWD Lot C-101, Sylvan Square Condo., $331,500.Sylvan Square to Roy M. & Julia Galvin, 9/10, SWD Lot C201, Sylvan Square Condo., $350,000.Thomas E. Terrill to James F. & Marnie K. Betz, 9/10, WD Lot 7, Eagle Ranch Fil. 4, $915,000.Steven M. & Robin G. Rudy, Rudy Family Trust to Rachel Anne Connelly, 9/10, WD Lot G-201, Founders Place Condo., $320,500.Thomas L. & Kimberly M. Price, William & Loy Ann Strickland to James B. Price, 9/10, WD Lot 2, Mission Ridge Townhomes Sub., $609,000.Fred T. III & Flora M. Hiller Rev. Trust to Victoria Ann Ministri, 9/10, WD Lot 11A, Vista Mayor, $750,000.Catherine S. Cammon to RPM Realty, 9/11, WD Lot 2, Wildridge Sub., $425,000.Alfred L. & Mary H. Baker to Kenneth H. & Caren R. Kahn, 9/11, WD Lot D-101, Canyon Run, $845,000.Wynton Homes to Daryl & Stacey Goehring, 9/11, WD Lot S-1, Brush Creek Village Townhomes Sub., $491,400.Wynton Homes to Shannon G. Hurst, 9/11, WD Lot C2, No Code Legal, $437,000.Victoria R. Davis to Gregory E. & Gina E. Bush, 9/12, WD Lot 11, Bertroch Sub. Fil. 2, $650,000.Nelson F. & Sarah W. Gould to T. Benjamin Wenninger, 9/12, WD Lot 59, Bull Pasture, $615,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Eyvazzadeh Vail Real Estate, 9/15, SWD Lot 316, 310, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $413,300; $1,515,300.Whistle Pig to Evermond Properties, 9/15, WD Lot P1-23 & _1-24, Villa Montane Parking Facility, $155,000; $155,000.Pico Dev. to Robin R. & Michele P. Yount, 9/15, WD Lot 3, Creamery Ranch Sub., $1,350,000.Peterson Living Trust, Leigh S. & Deborah T. Belden to K-Cinco, 9/15, WD Lot 5130E, Charter at Beaver Creek, $910,000.Edwin Booth to Andrew & Kristina Haffele, 9/15, WD Lot 4, Oxbow Court Duplexes Sub., $412,000.Stacey A. Klein Rev. Trust to Andrew L. Lane & Jasmin K. Wong, 9/15, WD Lot 2, Wildcat Ridge Townhomes, $490,000.Archdiocese of Denver to Steven M. Case, 9/15, SWD Lot G, Red Draw Deed Restricted Condo., $268,900.Douglas W. & Rebecca A. Leibinger to Lucas Peck & Elli Clauson, 9/15, Wd Lot 2, Basalt South P.U.D., $800,000.Carol D. Mason to JM Family Assoc., 9/15, WD Lot 7, Mountain Meadow Ranch Fil. 1, $3,600,000.Richard M. Evancho to Nolan Bradvica, 9/15, WD Lot 24, Lost Lane Sub. Fil. 3, $59,300.Wintergreen Homes-Brett II to Larry J. & Cathy J. Strauss, 9/15, SWD Lot 8, Southfork Meadows Sub., $945,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to 303 Westin Riverfront, 9/16, SWD Lot 303, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $947,800.Aidan’s Ranch Dev. Co. LLC to James W. & Holly Strablizky, 9/16, WD Lot 47, Eagle Ranch Fil. 23, $689,900.William G. & Rhonda J. Stone to Carter BC, 9/17, WD Lot R-307, Highlands Lodge Condo., $1,650,000.Topspin Holdings to Arrabelle Unit 382 LLC, 9/17, WD Lot 382, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $6,000,000.Atlantis 1 to Edwards Wellness LLC, 9/17, WD Lot W104, W-105, 1st & Main Bldg. Condo., $900,000.Red Sky Holdings to Eric & Mary R. Lyon, 9/17, WD Lot 1, Red Sky Ranch, $470,000.Frank T. & Claire Connors Family Trust to Don B. & Diane L. Gavic Rev. Trust, 9/17, WD Lot C-4, Spruce Creek Townhomes at Vail, $930,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Riverfront Holdings, 9/17, SWD Lot 307, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $755,300.Riverfront Village Hotel to Schnoor Corp., 9/17, SWD Lot 215, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $1,277,800.Riverfront Village Hotel to William D. Harley Trust, 9/17, SWD Lot 216, 218, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $356,300; $370,500.Riverfront Village Hotel to Catherine & Adam Grasch, 9/17, SWD Lot 314, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $413,300.WJS Dev. LLC to Wayne S. Smeal, 9/17, WD Lot 12B, Village at Cotton Ranch, $556,000.Kinnick 2 to James Johnson, 9/17, WD Lot 9B, Vail Intermountain Swim-Tennis Sub., $700,000.Brian Bruggeman to Matt & Maille McGough, 9/18, WD Lot 17, 18, Eagle, $425,000.Verona Holdings to Clarkson P. & Shirley M. Moseley, 9/18, WD Lot 3, Cordillera Valley Club Fil. 8, $1,564,600.Stephen L. & Susan K. Miller to Johnny & Jill Pappas, 9/18, WD Lot 14, Cotton Ranch PUD Fil. 1, $460,000.Ann Marie Perier to Mary Ann Divine, 9/18, WD Lot E-102, Founders Place Condo. Sub., $205,300.Clarkson P. & Shirley M. Moseley to Michael P. & Lesley Y. Goldman, 9/18, WD Lot 3B, Hoffman Duplex, $1,150,000.

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