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Eagle County property transfers

Ryan E. & Kelly A. Duman to Vail Corp., 10/14, WD Lot 3-H, Pitkin Creek Park Sub., $570,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Tsur Reiss & Julia Dorfman, 10/14, SWD Lot 235, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $356,300.Riverfront Village Hotel to Christopher D. Scherpf, 10/14, SWD Lot 338, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $399,000.Roger B. & Marilyn H. Affa to Arlen R. & Elizabeth R. Holter, 10/14, WD Lot 5, Bighorn Sub., $2,350,000.Ian N. Casey to Ernest & Bonnie G. Atlas, 10/14, WD Lot 202, Castle Peak Condo., $298,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Charles W. Schnatter, 10/14, SWD Lot 350, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $2,351,300.Arlene M. Fedorchak Trust to Michael P. & Connie D. Barbaro, 10/14, WD Lot 305, Spruce Tree Lodge, $1,100,000.Justin Lee Hammerling to Jeffrey V. & Elizabeth E. Woods, 10/14, SWD Lot 60, Red Canyon Townhomes Sub., $341,000.Romeros Construction to Leonel & Norma Gonzalez, 10/14, WD Lot 65, Eagle Ranch Fil. 24, $190,000.Vail Plaza Dev. to Patrick Ewing & Darren J. Marino, 10/15, SWD Lot 10, 11, Vail Plaza Hotel Resort Club, $230,700.Patrick G. & Suzanne E. Dauphinais to Heather E. & Ross A. Sappenfield, 10/15, WD 1/2 Int. Lot 53A, Eagle-Vail Fil. 2, $639,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Peter & Jennifer Daly, 10/15, SWD Lot 318, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $413,300.Riverfront Village Hotel to Craig C. McLeod, 10/15, SWD Lot 329, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $350,000.James L. & Mary T. Hesburgh Rev. Living Trust to Robert J. & Susan E. Smith, 10/15, WD Lot 51, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 1 & 2, $2,510,000.Samantha J. Means to Richard Romsdahl, 10/15, WD Lot 201J, Sunridge at Avon Condo., $275,000.Dennis O. & Charlotte T. Davidson to Anthony Ambrosio, 10/16, WD Lot 302, Lift House, $419,000.Kenneth W. George II 1995 Living Trust to Gretchen S. Nickel & Christopher O. Blunt, 10/16, WD Lot 1, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 28, $1,930,000.James F. & Shirley L. Pamp to Mane-IA Salon, 10/20, WD Lot 210, Old Orchard Plaza Comm. Condo. Sub., $215,000.Cherie L. Pilkington to Andrew C. Pohlman, 10/20, WD Lot 119D, Miller Ranch Mill Lofts Sub., 4175,100.Jennifer Gayle Biehn to Susan L. & Richard G. Jones, 10/20, WD Lot A-307, River Pines Condo., $475,000.Henry A. & Betty H. Long to Carolyn L. Asher, 10/21, WD Lot 1120A, Charter at B.C., $900,000.Steven W. & Deborah Junge to Shelli & Gary Ocepek, 10/21, WD Lot 9, Vail Racquet Club Condo., $353,000.Gay L. Daniel 2001 Dec. of Trust to Dan A. & Brenda W. Hughes, 10/21, WD Lot R-107, Market Square Condo., $2,750,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Catherine C. Kelley, 10/21, SWD Lot 426, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $375,300.G. Timothy & Kathleen A. Wysong to Martin Zourek, 10/21, WD Lot B-6, Cornerstone Condo., $291,000.Christopher E. & Heather A. Marner to Renee A. & Stephen J. Legro, 10/21, WD Lot 14, Eagle Ranch Fil. 15, $670,000.Kevin S. & Kellie K. Nelson to Felicia Nassi, 10/21, WD Lot 16B, Berry Creek Ranch, $669,000.June Creek Ventures to Robert L. Albritton, 10/21, WD Lot 2B, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 3, $1,775,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to SK Realty, 10/21, SWD Lot 438, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $432,300.

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