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Eagle County property transfers

Jaclyn M. Anderson to Tom Cox & Malgorzata Bardzik-Cox, 11/5, WD Lot 5C, Silverado Estates Fil. #1, $590,000.Michael D. & Christine A. Ryan to Elena M. Reilly, 11/5, WD Lot B-105, Founders Place Condo., $312,000.Anthony P. Kern to Christopher C. & Mari D. Ciana, 11/5, WD Lot B11, Cornerstone Condo., $389,000.Community Property Investments to Ann C. Knight, 11/6, WD Lot 2, Wilds P.U.D., $1,080,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Leslie A. Lerner, 11/6, SWD Lot 706, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $1,325,300.Michael Price to Randall W. Viola, 11/6, WD Lot 348, Lodge Apt. Condos., $3,250,000.Raining Sun Enterprises to Ben & Alice Phillips, 11/6, WD Lot 1E, Belle Terre, $3,000,000.Paul & Meagan Mroz to Kevin J. & Kimberly L. Sharkey, 11/6, WD Lot 70, Eagle Ranch Fil. 7, $599,000.Jay S. & Randy L. Fishman to Lorie Gordon, 11/6, WD Lot D-5, D-6, All Seasons Condo., $4,000,000.Robert Sbarra to Deidre Alvis & Matt Baker, 11/7, WD Lot 29, Bertroch Sub. Fil. 4, $315,000.Old West LLC to Guy & Jennifer Stiebel, 11/7, WD Lot A3, Fly-N-Eagle Centre, $220,000.Colorado Ranch Homes to John M. & Anne E. Rusnak Rev. Trust, 11/7, WD Misc. Legal, $3,950,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Anatoli & Oxana Pechkov, 11/7, SWD Lot 618, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $460,800.MV Penthouses to Laura A. Cook, 11/7, SWD Lot 448, Manor Vail, $3,900,000.Anthony M. & Erin R. Barela to Eileen M. McKaig, 11/7, WD Lot 15, Chatfield Corners Fil. II, $403,000.MV Penthouses to Tracy L. Lenehan, 11/7, SWD Lot 268, Manor Vail, $3,950,000.VTE Corp. to West Coast Partners V RH, 11/10, WD Lot C7, Ramshorn Lodge Condo., $3,500,000.Gary R. Bute to Valerie Mei-Chu Low, 11/10, WD Lot 10, Vail Heights Condo., $355,000.Wayne Ruting to Robert & Michelle Smith, 11/10, WD Lot 9, Gore Creek Place, $6,500,000.Susan J. Hewitt to Highlands Glass and Shower, 11/12, WD Lot E-3, Quail Run Town Homes Fil. 2, $310,000.Calli Jo Swenson to Susan J. Hewitt, 11/12, WD Villas at Brett Ranch Sub., $337,000.WJS Dev. to Karen Young, 11/12, WD Lot 11A, Village at Cotton Ranch, $495,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Stephen & Jean Ann Brock, 11/12, SWD Lot 518, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $451,300.MV Penthouses to Green Family Trust, 11/12, SWD Lot 454, Manor Vail, $8,600,000.Dantas Builders to David M. Schulman Rev. Trust, 11/12, WD Lot 10, Vail Village West Fil. 1, $2,600,000.Nathaniel J. & Tara Picklo to Matthew & Signe Jones, 11/12, WD Lot 11, Eagle Ranch Fil. 8, $907,000.West Eagle Ranch to Robert F. & Pamela D. Westfall, 11/12, WD Lot 52, Brush Creek Village Townhomes, $340,000.Nicole & Jason Klein to Steven B. & Glenna F. Swanson, 11/12, WD Lot 35H, Homestead Meadow Condo., $375,400.Mark & Paige Santini to Jason & Nicole Klein, 11/12, WD Lot 40, Homestead Fil. 3, $515,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Bruce & Janet Witter, 11/12, SWD Lot 720, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $441,800.Steven K. Arnold to Charles & Nancy Procknow, 11/12, WD Lot 45, Vail Village West Fil. 1, $1,125,000.ACCML Eagle LLC to Imhoff-Kennedy Real Estate, 11/12, WD Eagle Crossing Shopping Center, $240,000.Eagle Capital Funding to Angel Gutierrez & Lillia Garcia, 11/13, WD Lot 16, Two Rivers Village, $250,000.Thomas M. & Karen C. Peppers to David A. Daniels, 11/13, WD Misc. Legal, $912,200.Dotsero Realty Partners to Joshua & Tonya Farmer, 11/14, SWD Lot 10, Two Rivers Village, $405,000.Desmond P. & Bessie Jean Kearns to Tim D. & Gretchen I. Hennum, 11/17, WD Lot 32, Eby Creek Mesa, $765,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Darren R. Edwards, Stephanie Wachi, Rufus Thompson, 11/17, SWD Lot 147, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $479,800.Bridge Street Assoc. to Randall W. Viola, 11/17, WD Lot 495, Founders Parking Garage, $312,500.Riverfront Village Hotel to Sleeping Bear LLC, 11/17, SWD Lot 812, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $451,300.Riverfront Village Hotel to LNHR, 11/17, SWD Lot 821, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $1,434,500.Riverfront Village Hotel to Larry W. & Sara W. Olson, 11/17, SWD Lot 820, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $451,300.Riverfront Village Hotel to Laura & Peter Simonik, Dagmar Balasova, 11/17, SWD Lot 225, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $460,800.Mary Mathewson to Robert E. & Maria E. Wollberg, 11/17, WD Lot A-1, Meadows Beaver Creek Condo., $1,575,000.Chalets at the Lodge at Vail to Sterling Professional Limited, 11/17, SWD Lot 5, Chalets at the Lodge at Vail, $12,950,000.Craig Sakin to Kurt C. & Anne Hall, 11/17, WD Lot R-113, Lot R-114, Villa Montane Condo., $1,850,000.Riverfront Village Hotel to Kirk J. & Donna D. Rodemich, Paul A. Kalmer, 11/17, SWD Lot 818, Riverfront Resort & Spa, $452,400.

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