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Eagle County RE 50J – School Board meeting agenda for Sept. 8

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Educating Every Student for Success September 8, 2004 BOARD MEMBERS: Mr. Scott Green, President Mrs. Connie Kincaid-Strahan, Vice-President Mrs. Carri Tedstrom, Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Andy Arnold Mrs. Louise Funk Mrs. Mary Ann Stavney Dr. Keith Thompson John Brendza, Superintendent N O T I C E OF M E E T I N G Eagle County School District RE 50J BOARD OF EDUCATION At District Office, Eagle Wednesday, September 8, 2004 Regular Session Begins at 6 p.m.Estimated Time: 2.75 hours A. General Functions Call to Order. 09-08-1 Executive Session. (5:00 5:30 P.M.) Personnel Issue 09-08-2 Regular Open Session. (6:00 P.M.) B. Public Participation of Board Meeting. (5-minute limit, please) Questions and comments are welcomed at this time. Each person shall normally have five minutes to address the Board on consent or non-agenda items, but the time can be adjusted at the discretion of the Board or the Board President. Persons may speak on any agenda item for 3 minutes at the time of the specific agenda item. The Board is not obligated to respond to items even though the information has been presented by a participant and the Board may also ask for this item to be placed on a future agenda. 09-08-3 Approval of Consent Agenda Items.* (2 min) Action. Items of a routine and non-controversial nature are placed on the Consent Agenda to allow the Board of Education to focus on other items contained in a lengthy agenda. An item may be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately by any member of the Board of Education. 09-08-4* Approval of Agenda. 09-08-5* Approval of Minutes. 09-08-7* Approval of DAAC Membership List. 09-08-11* Approval of Monitoring Report for Governance Policy EL-5, Staff Compensation. 09-08-14* Personnel List. 09-08-15* Approval of Update to Superintendents Contract. 09-08-4* Approval of Agenda. (Consent) Action. 09-08-5* Approval of Minutes. (Consent) Action. Minutes from August 11, 2004 and August 25, 2004 BOE Meetings. C. Report of Superintendent. (10 min) D. Board Reports. (15 min) E. Public Interest Items for Discussion. 09-08-6 Preschool Council Update (15 min) Info. (Carolyn Neff presenting.) (Attachment 09-08-6) 09-08-7* Approval of DAAC Membership List. (Consent) Action. John Brendza presenting.) (Attachment 09-08-7*) 09-08-8 Presentation of Advanced Placement Results. (15 min) Info. (Mike Gass presenting.) (Attachment 09-08-8) 09-08-9 State of the District – Marketing Plan and Direction. (60 min) Action. (John Brendza presenting.) (Attachment 09-08-9) F. Business and Operations. 09-08-10 Discussion of Red Cliff Property (15 min) Info. (Karen Strakbein presenting.) (Attachment 09-08-10*) G. Board Policies and Administrative Regulations. 09-08-11* Approval of Monitoring Report for Governance Policy EL-5, (Consent) Action. Staff Compensation. (Trisha Theelke presenting.) (Attachment 09-08-11*) 09-08-12 Approval of Monitoring Report for Governance Policy GP-3, (5 min) Action. Board Job Description. (John Brendza presenting.) (Attachment 09-08-12) 09-08-13 Approval of Annual Report for Governance Policy E-1, Achievement (15 min) Action. of District and State Standards and E-2, Individual Academic Achievement. (Mike Gass & Carolyn Neff presenting.) (Attachment 09-08-13) H. Employee Relations. 09-08-14* Personnel List. (Consent) Action. (Trisha Theelke presenting.) (Attachment 09-08-14*) 09-08-15* Approval of Update to Superintendents Contract. (Consent) Action. (Scott Green presenting.) (Attachment 09-08-15*) I. General Administration. 09-08-16 New/Old Business. J. Discussion Items. 09-08-17 Feedback and Evaluation of Meeting. (5 min) Info. A. Evaluate Decisions of this BOE Meeting in Terms of Governance Policies. 09-08-18 Input for Next Meeting. (5 min) Info. 09-08-19 Adjournment. Vail Colorado

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