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Eagle County Republicans are seeking power

Lauren Glendenning

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Eagle County republicans want to take some power back – they’re dissatisfied, particularly, at the national level, and they want to make sure they can keep Eagle County as red as possible.

The past several Eagle County elections have favored mostly democrats – the county has been crossing over to the dark side, local republicans said.

In November, Eagle County is hoping to keep republicans such as Sheriff Joe Hoy and Eagle County Treasurer Karen Sheaffer in office and get democrats such as U.S. Rep. Jared Polis out.

The Eagle County Republican Assembly attracted more than 100 people Saturday, including familiar republican faces such as Kaye Ferry, Randy Milhoan, Sara Fisher and Dick Gustafson. Republican leaders and delegates listened to candidates running for office this November – an election the local party is taking very seriously.

There were 84 delegates at the assembly, with another 11 alternates – a record number for the Eagle County Republican Assembly, said Assembly Chairman Mike Mathias.

“We’re off to a good start,” Mathias said.

Delegates came from all over the county, from as east in East Vail as you can get to McCoy to Basalt. Mathias said this election year is important, not only because republicans want to take some seats back but also because republican competition appears strong.

Republican candidates Bob Brancato and Stephen Bailey, both running for Polis’ seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, said the county needs to elect a republican for that district in order to take some control back in Congress.

Brancato said republicans know they’ve elected some leaders in the past who have tainted the party and not represented party ideals.

“I believe in the party, to the point that I know we have had some problems,” Brancato said.

As local delegates nominated republicans for various local offices, it was obvious that Republicans are tired of losing out to Democrats in what was once a predominantly Republican county.

Seeme Hasan spoke on behalf of her son, Ali Hasan, to gain him some momentum in his race to become state treasurer. Seeme said her son has experience running against democrats and knows how to win – she was asking the delegation to get behind him in yet another fight to turn blue seats back to red.

“I think Eagle County should be proud to have the most conservative candidate from this county,” Seeme Hasan said.

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