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Eagle County resident says give Obama a chance

Patricia Hammon
Eagle County, CO,, Colorado

Butch Mazzuca, that was excellent column of yours in last week’s Vail Daily about Obama: well written, as always, and well researched, as always.

The rest of the story is that regardless of anyone’s feelings during the campaign, now is the time to get behind the new president and his administration.

Obama is well aware of the awful and somewhat terrifying situations that he has to deal with in today’s world and the mess our country is in.

He has said publicly many times that he can not do it alone.

He is soon to be our president and our commander in chief.

Our only hope is that the country, as a whole, can get behind him and together we can get out of this mess.

Thanks for your great writing and may peace be with us all.

Patricia Hammon

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