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Eagle County responds to disaster relief

Daily Staff Report
Vail CO, Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY ” Eagle County Volunteer Center employees are helping to manage The Colorado Volunteer Center Network (CVCN) volunteer reception center in Holly, Colorado. Tammi Matthews and Sheri Mintz are assisting with organizing the volunteers who are responding to the tornado disaster. The tornado ripped through the small town, killing one person, injuring others and destroying or damaging over 180 homes.

The Volunteer Reception Center has three phone lines to answer questions and coordinate spontaneous volunteers. More than 300 volunteers have been provided with crucial safety tips and clear direction upon their arrival into this southeastern Colorado town after registering at the Volunteer Reception Center. They have completed such projects as feeding those who were left homeless, helping to demolish damaged homes, litter removal, fence repair and more.

Volunteers are still needed to support the disaster relief efforts. Those interested are asked to contact the Volunteer Reception Center in Holly before arrival to ensure that they will be matched to the perfect volunteer opportunity. The number to call is (719) 537-6047.

Monetary donations in the form of checks or money orders can be made to the following organization: Prowers County, 301 S. Main Street, Suite 215, Lamar, CO 81025

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