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Eagle County School Board learns about growth models

Matt Terrell
Eagle County, CO Colorado

What was said: Members of the Eagle County School Board saw presentation on the Colorado Growth Model, which is a new way the state is measuring school and student performance. Schools are now being ranked and accredited based on how much individual students grow from one year to the next. Schools will be labeled as low growth, typical growth or high growth schools, based upon their median score.

What was said: The board discussed how overall student enrollment was at 6,071 this year, up from 5,446 last year. Observations included how eight and ninth grade enrollments declined, while most growth was seen in grades three and under. No votes during this discussion.

What was said: Board discussed goals met by the school district in achieving standards set by No Child Left Behind. So called “Adequate Yearly Progress” is a measure of a school’s and a district’s progress in meeting these goals. This year, the district met 91 percent of its 102 goals, and therefore did not make “Adequate Yearly Progress.” All elementary schools made their targets, whereas all secondary schools did not make their goals.

The board voted unanimously to approve the progress report.

What was said: Joe Rowan from Funding Partners gave a presentation to the board regarding information about employee down-payment assistance options, similar to programs being offered by the county. Nothing was decided, and the issue will likely be brought up again at a future board meeting.

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