Eagle County School District’s call for housing garners community interest

Eagle County School District Superintendent Philip Qualman recently mailed every single homeowner throughout the county asking for their help. With 17,000 letters mailed earlier this month, the district has already received a number of responses from locals and second homeowners interested in renting to district employees.

“It’s reassuring when you reach out to your community and they respond,” Qualman said in a news release. “We know this does not solve our long-term problem but it’s a great feeling when you have others around you willing to help.”

Eagle County School District’s Housing Master Plan continues to be one of the top priorities and incremental gains are being made. The 37-unit Edwards Housing Project is underway, with units slated to be rented in September 2023. Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley recently opened the application process for its Eagle housing project located on Third Street which will have 16 total units available for purchase with 12 specifically set aside for district employees. Visit Vail Valley’s Habitat for Humanity’s website for more information at

Additionally, anyone who has a rental property or shared room that is interested in more information on renting to district employees can email

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