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Eagle County schools go online

Cindy Ramunno

“For some time now, the school district wanted to supply an all-schools, all-activities calendar for parents, but the logistics of developing such a tool have always been burdensome,” says Pam Boyd, school district spokeswoman. “However, the new age of online documents have provided a great solution.”

Boyd says she was discussing the difficulties involved with the project with a friend, Betty Neal, last summer. Neal, an employee at Internetworks, suggested the idea of an online calendar, then approached the company’s owner, Jerry Nichols, with the notion. Nichols donated programming, and the calendar was launched.

The all-schools activities calendar is linked to the school district’s home page, http://www.eagleschools.net. From there, the user can select “calendar information,” then “all-schools activities.” From those links, users arrive at the current month, and calendar selections can be made from that point.

“The calendar is color-coded by districtwide events, elementary-school events, middle-school events and high-school events,” says Boyd. “When there’s a specific item, a second page will be displayed to offer pertinent information.”

Additionally, there is a filter on the site so parents who are only interested in elementary and high-school activities, for example, can adjust the display so only those activities are listed.

To date, the calendar includes all school holidays, teacher work days, school board meetings and fall sports schedules. Additionally, school specific information is included for events ranging from the Gypsum Creek Middle School Krispy Kreme doughnuts sale to an author’s visit at Avon Elementary.

“This calendar is in a constant state of construction, and as schools provide more information we post it online,” says Boyd. “We are very grateful to Internetworks for its generosity in providing us with this programming. We really hope this product will be a useful tool for parents as well as community members.”

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