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Eagle County sheriff candidates describe their credentials

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Incumbent Joe Hoy, a Republican, and challenger James Van Beek, an independent, are facing off in the sheriff’s race in November’s general election.

They’ve been asked to send e-mail replies to questions. Here’s the first:

Why do you want this job, and why are qualified to do it?

Joe Hoy: I love this job and I’m good at it. I am the only candidate who has dedicated the past 21 years to it, 14 as a full-time deputy and eight years as sheriff. I am the only candidate with on-the-job experience, the dedication and commitment to Eagle County. I have a very clear understanding of the challenges of the county in the foreseeable future, and how they will have a direct effect on the Sheriff’s Office and the community.

As your sheriff, I have a proven record of leading a large and complex organization, responding to the needs and concerns of our citizens among whom I have lived for over 23 years, enforcing the laws and jailing criminals, negotiating and implementing a tight budget and working with the County Sheriffs’ Association to bring the best law enforcement practices to Eagle County. I have the experience that counts and the leadership that works.

Please go to the political page of the Vail Daily for a direct link to my website, http://www.joehoyforsheriff.com, for more information.

James Van Beek: Who is James? Native Coloradoan born of immigrant parents. Honorably discharged from United States Army. In August 1989, I made Eagle County my home for the past 21 years. Married to my beautiful wife, Carrie, for 18 years, raising our sons, Louis and William, in our home in Eagle.

Twelve years at the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office as a patrol deputy, field training officer and detective. Eight years International Police experience in supervisory and command roles establishing democratic police forces in Kosovo and Afghanistan.

During my one-month visits home every three to four months, I had time to re-invigorate communications and ties within our community and see with fresh eyes what was going on and hearing both the good and the bad. While home, I would volunteer my time at the Sheriff’s Office and work multiple shifts patrolling our county.

Someone once observed that in a democratic society the police are only as effective as the people they serve allow them to be. To be effective in a society such as ours, there needs to be clear and open communication and trust, not only within the Sheriff’s Office between the leaders and the front line, but between the office and the citizens we’re in place to serve.

As your sheriff, I will be accessible, involved and accountable to the citizens of Eagle County, not just when seeking election, but throughout my tenure. I will be out in all the communities listening to and working with citizens, youth, and businesses setting a standard in the office for the deputies to follow; working together to provide safety, customer service and the security of every citizen and guest in our community.

I will honor all my commitments openly and transparently with all entities with whom the sheriff must work alongside. I will hold the deputies to these same standards, encouraging and empowering them to be able to serve the diverse needs and requirements.

My experience has taught me that it’s about the people, communities and the Constitution, and this is why James van Beek is the candidate to best serve as Eagle County’s next sheriff.

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