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Eagle County Sheriff James Van Beek asks campaign vandals to knock off defacing other people’s signs

Campaign signs for both major parties are being stoelen and defaced. This pro-Trump sign near Gypsum was vandalized in 2016.
Randy Wyrick | rwyrick@vaildaily.com

EAGLE — Thou shalt not destroy thy opponent’s campaign signs, says Eagle County Sheriff James Van Beek.

It’s against the law, no matter how much you disdain someone else’s candidate.

“During the election season emotions can run high while individuals work to support their candidates. Showing that support, however, should never mean destroying or vandalizing the opposition’s property,” Van Beek said.

Defacing campaign signs is a misdemeanor, so it’s not like they’re going to slap you in the stocks for doing it.

“The various candidates and their supporters have a Constitutional right to voice their opinion and destroying campaign signs is a violation of this right,” Van Beek said. “If an individual disagrees with the opposing candidate, then their venue to express their opinion is not in the destruction of another’s property: but rather when they cast their vote during the election.”

‘World is Watching’

With a few notable exceptions, people in this area tend to be hands-off with other people’s campaign signs. That’s not true everywhere.

The morning after the final presidential debate, an elderly Waco couple found their Hillary Clinton campaign signs vandalized and the sidewalk in front of their home defaced with anti-Clinton messages, according to Texas media reports.

In Provo, Utah, a man awoke to find his garage door painted to read “F— Trump,” his presidential preference. His car was painted with “AmeriKKKa.”

“After Nov. 8, there will be winners and losers in all political parties based on the voice of voting citizens,” Van Beek said. “We as a nation will come together again as a community working together for a better future. As we move through this election, I would like to remind everyone that the world is watching, so let’s show them what a great nation we really are. Be civilized and respectful, learn and grow from each other’s views, and let us, as a community set the bar high and lead from in front.”

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