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Eagle County teens spill out their creativity

Caramie Schnell
VAIL CO, Colorado
HL Spilled Ink 1 DT 5-22-12

From love poems and odes to Facebook, to pointed messages about America’s “suburban waste land,” the students at Battle Mountain High School have plenty to say, and spill it they do in Spilled Ink!, Battle Mountain High School’s annual literary magazine, which is on sale now. Students read their work aloud during the fourth-annual Spilled Ink! release party Tuesday at the Bookworm of Edwards. This year’s edition is on sale for $10, and all proceeds help Spilled Ink!, a student-run organization, to continue another year. Contact Dana Zilliox at dana.zilliox@eagleschools.net for more information.

Here’s a peek at what some of our local teenagers had to say:

Elementary is about middle, middle

Is about high, high is about college, college

Is about jobs, jobs is about marriage, children

And copy-cat stacked houses in euphoric

Styled suburban waste land.

Wall Street gambles with fake monopoly

Money. I had a friend who stole all of

The parking fees.

Advertising is about stretching, pulling

Model faces until they are so

Injected with silicone that they can no

Longer smile, shame.

Bottomed dollared city rats destroy

Wall with artistic styled blasphemies.

America is about getting what it deserves

However the deserved outcome is not

what America believes it to be.

Bomb the streets, dig millions of holes

America lost its roll just as Genghis Khan

And his brothers done lost their crown

And later hence made into clowns. We have 10 fingers

And 12 toes but still can’t tell friend from foe.

We kill, bill, and fill

Our minds with stages, rules and pregnant taboos.

If I am a fool then who are you?

– Jake White, Battle Mountain High School senior

I find myself looking for love

In all the wrong places.

Under the bed, in the microwave,

In my shoes, under the table,

Like looking for car keys,

They appear to be lost forever

Yet I have a feeling

They will be found in the next place I look.

So I keep looking and looking

Until … I find them

In the most obvious place of all,

Right in front of me.

That’s how love is …

I can search and search for it

Without even realizing

It was there all along,

Right in front of me.

– Reeve Sanders, Battle Mountain High School senior

Two years ago I was standing at the edge of a cliff

Ready to make the jump to a place where all my friends had gone before me

Facebook: the final frontier

One left click and the deed was done

At first the friends trickled in slowly; my mom, my neighbor, my dog

But then things started picking up speed, and my index finger was getting sore from clicking accept

Facebook gave me this feeling, that I was some kind of all-knowing presence

And I thought, this must be how God feels

Which begged the question, how had I ever survived without Facebook?

Pretty soon I became obsessive, compulsively checking for red icons in the top left corner

I’d log off and 30 seconds later the pain of not knowing would be so unbearable that I’d log back in

So I stopped logging out all together

I couldn’t stop

After a couple of weeks of this, I realized that I was going to have to go cold turkey

And probably attend some kind of AA for Facebook meetings

But I pulled through – the allure had faded

Like any long term relationship, the little things started to bother me

To start, I created a zero tolerance for poking policy

You poked me. I deleted you.

I hadn’t checked my Facebook in months, and when I finally did a banner running across the top of my screen read:

658,000 new stories since your last visit

People had pictures of me so old that I didn’t even recognize myself

I couldn’t handle it – the pressure got to me and I did the unthinkable

I tried to delete my Facebook

It wouldn’t let me

A few weeks ago I was standing at the edge of a cliff

Ready to make the jump to a place where only a few of my friends had gone before me

Twitter: the final frontier

– Ali Plzak, Battle Mountain High School sophomore

I believe

In being a patchwork.

Every person

And every experience

Makes up a different

Part of me.

One for a

Summer in the sun.


One for a


Break-up that left me

Cut open wide.


One for each

Of my loony friends

Who always stay by my side.


One for all I lost

In the never-ending battle

Against life.



For me.

– Anna Galer, Battle Mountain High School senior

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